Sep 23
September 23, 2022

Below you will see some important things to note:

September 26 – School Photos – Formal Uniform Required
September 30 – National Day for Truth and Reconciliation
October 5 – Grade 6 Immunizations
October 7 – Non-Instructional Day – No School for Students
October 10 – Thanksgiving Day – No School
October 17 – 21 – Secret Path Week – Further Information to Follow
October 26 – Grade 6 Storybook Theatre
October 28 – Non-Instructional Day – No School for Students

Principal's Message

This week, SWL held their first pep rally and it was a smashing success! This was an opportunity for students to come together as a whole school community to continue the work of strengthening relationships with one another and fostering a sense of belonging.  After the pep rally, students completed the Terry Fox run.  Together students were able to raise $1094 to go towards cancer research. 

There are a couple of important messages for next week.  The first is around expectations of students during lunchtime. Understanding the benefits of being outdoors, beginning Monday, September 26, all students will be required to spend the second half of lunch, 12:29 – 12:54, outdoors.  The only exceptions will be for those students who are attending a club, intramurals or are working with a teacher.  Please ensure that students are dressed and prepared for the weather.  We will plan according for inclement weather such as rain or temperatures below -20. On those days, students will be able to remain indoors. 

Next week, as a whole school community, we will be honouring National Truth and Reconciliation Week.  Students will be learning about the history and legacy of residential schools. On September 29th, we encourage all students to wear orange to raise awareness of the very tragic legacy of residential schools, and to honour the thousands of Survivors. To support you with continuing these conversations at home and to help with your own learning, we have created an information sheet for you that includes events that you can attend with your family on September 30th. 

Parent-Family Resource for National Day for Truth and Reconciliation 2022 

Take Care, 

Ms Petroni 
Principal, Sir Wilfrid Laurier School

Sep 16
September 16, 2022

Dear Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Families, 

We have had another exciting week of learning here at SWL! It was so great to be able to meet all the families, in person, who were able to make it to our Meet the Teacher night. Please remember to check teacher Blog's to continue to stay up to date with the happenings in your child's classroom. Blogs are located on our school website under Classes and DepartmentsTeacher Blogs

In the upcoming days please look out for an important message detailing the first School Council meeting we will be having for the 2022-23 school year. School councils perform a very important role in ensuring that the parent and community perspective is represented in school decision-making.  Should you be interested in volunteering or would like additional information please email me directly at 

I hope each of you have a wonderful weekend. 

Take Care, 

Ms Petroni 
Principal, Sir Wilfrid Laurier School

Jun 29

Dear Sir Wilfrid Laurier Staff, Parents and Students,

It is with mixed emotion that I announce I will be leaving Sir Wilfrid Laurier School at the end of this school year.  I can hardly believe that five years have passed since I was afforded the opportunity and honor to serve as your school principal.  I will be moving to McKenzie Highlands School commencing August 26.

I wish to thank SWL parents for the support, care and love you give to your children, always instilling the importance of education and encouraging them to do their best work each and every day.  This is nothing short of remarkable and your children are in very capable hands as SWL teachers and staff continue to build and strengthen the goals we have established at Sir Wilfrid Laurier.  SWL teachers and Assistant Principal Ms. Jernigan, thank you for your tireless dedication to students and for your care and continuous pursuit of mastery teaching.  Working alongside of you has been transformative and deeply rewarding.

I have been able to watch SWL students grow into remarkable young adults, starting as grade six students who are yearning to grow, and by grade nine, they are poised and ready to take on new challenges with heart, soul, determination, knowledge and skill.  The students at Sir Wilfrid Laurier have been so kind and fun loving. These are some of the best qualities in a student a principal could ever ask for. 

You are  a truly a wonderful school community!  Thank you School Council Members and parent volunteers.  You have supported SWL through some difficult years, meeting virtually and demonstrating flexibility, giving much of your time, energy and skill to enrich our programs.   Thank you for listening to me talk so much and  for being so patient!  Students, thank you for tolerating my cheesy humor and efforts to make you laugh and smile.  Go after your dreams, chase them and catch them and make them real!

I wish all of you a wonderful, fun-filled summer holiday.  It has been an absolute pleasure!

Mr. Martin
Sir Wilfrid Laurier School
Calgary Board of Education

Jun 28
June 28, 2022

Good morning Sir Wilfrid Laurier parents/guardians:

​Below you will see some important things to note:

June 29 – Appeals Day – No School
June 30 – Non-Instructional Day – No School
September 1 – Return to School – First Day of Classes

Principal's Message

Hello SWL Families,

What a year it has been!  We say goodbye to some fantastic grade nine students as they celebrate friendship and share memories and fun at Calaway Park today.  As with every school year, we also are excited to welcome some charming and very cute grade six students to SWL in the fall. 

Your children have been strong and brought joy and smiles to this school, and as parents, you continue to support teachers and place a high value on education.  What an honour to serve this TLC community.

Report cards went online today so please take a look and share the successes and next steps in learning with your child.  If you wish to appeal a grade, tomorrow, June 29 is Appeals Day.  Teachers will be available from 9am-12 pm and can be reached by contacting their CBE e-mail address or by calling the school office.

Have a wonderful summer with your amazing kids.  See you in the fall.

Sincerely Yours,
Mr. Martin

Jun 16
Thursday, June 16, 2022

Good afternoon Sir Wilfrid Laurier parents/guardians:

Below you will see some important things to note:

June 17 – Grade 6 and 9 Math Part A PAT
June 17 – Locker Cleanout – All reading books and textbooks returned to library
June 17 – Last day of uniform requirement
June 20 – Athletic casual wear may be worn from now to end of year
June 20 – Grade 6 Math Part B PAT
June 20 – Social 9 PAT
June 20 – Grade 7 and 8 Social Exam
June 21 – Aboriginal Day Activities to be announced at a later date
June 22 – Grade 9 Math Part B PAT
June 22 – Grade 7 and 8 Math Exam
June 22 – Grade 6 Bowling Day
June 23 – Grade 9 ELA Part B PAT
June 23 – Grade 7 and 8 ELA Exam
June 23 – Grade 6 Swimming Day
June 23 – Last day Café Laurier is open
June 24 – Grade 9 Science PAT
June 24 – Grade 7 and 8 Science Exam
June 27 – SWL Sports/Activity Day and BBQ
June 28 – Last Day of Classes
June 28 – Grade 9 Calaway Park Farewell Activity
June 28 – Grade 6 Calgary Zoo
June 29 – Appeals Day – No School
June 30 – Non-Instructional Day – No School
September 1 – Return to School – First Day of Classes

Principal's Message
Hello SWL!

We are almost there! 

A few important reminders:

  • All library and textbooks need to be returned by Friday, June 17 to avoid a charge.  PDF copies of textbooks are available for exam preparation and exam bank is also an excellent study tool;
  • Locker clean out is tomorrow,  bring a plastic bag or two to carry home personal belongings;
  • Tomorrow is the last uniform day; students may wear casual starting Monday…they are to “dress for school", which means wearing clothes that allow them to play light sports, go for walks and uphold work place expectations;
  • Report Cards are issued online and will be available to view on June 28.   Parents and Guardians can log in to MyCBE to view student information, including report cards, comments from your child's teacher, assignments and grades, and attendance information. For best access to information, log in to the MyCBE Portal instead of using the PowerSchool App. Please contact the school if you need any help or support.

We have a few exciting field trips planned and a sports day to celebrate our year together…for next week, we stay the course and focus on exams and doing our best work.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Mr. Martin​

Jun 02
June 2, 2022

Hello SWL School Community,

I hope you are enjoying the Spring weather.   A few announcements to share with you:

Ms. Tonn, our Band teacher, will be away for the remainder of the school year and sadly, we cannot proceed with the Band Concert and Student Recognition Assembly scheduled for June 10.  Please make note of this if you were planning to attend.  We are very fortunate to have Ms. McCartney covering for Ms. Tonn until the end of June and she will be doing smaller scale performances with the grade 8 and 9 Band students.

On June 9, the grade 8 band will perform their two favourite songs for our grade six students from 1:00 – 1:30 pm in the gym.  Grade 8 Band parents are welcome to attend this short performance.  From 2-3 pm, we will host a grade 7-9 Student Recognition Assembly to celebrate students who have demonstrated Citizenship and/or the pursuit of Physical Education, Band and French.  Parents of students being recognized will be contacted by a teacher and are invited for this portion of the assembly.

June 10 marks THE RETURN OF THE SWL TALENT SHOW!!  Grade 6/7 students will assemble from 9-10 and grade 8/9 from 11-12 in the gymnasium.  The grade 9 band is also going to perform a few of their favourite songs and parents of grade 9 band students or talent show participants are most welcome to attend one of these scheduled times if they wish.

Locker and Physical Education room clean out is scheduled for June 17 and this will be the last day of uniform requirements.  We will be moving into final exams.  Students are to dress for varying weather. Shoes and clothing choices should be comfortable, appropriate for school, and must ensure our students can exercise and pursue recreation after they finish their exams.   

All textbook and library books are due back to school on June 17.  PDF copies of textbook chapters and review materials for exams will be provided.  Please check around your home for books that belong to the school to avoid a replacement fee.

Final exams are fast approaching and students can practice using exam bank and reviewing class notes and assignments.   The exam bank link can be found below the exam schedule.

Mr. Smith and the Yearbook Club are finalizing the 2021-22 yearbooks and there are some amazing photos and memories captured. Purchase online and in the office at school for 30$.
Online website:
Yearbook code: 14489522

Have a wonderful weekend, please contact the school if you have any questions.

Mr. Martin

Apr 13
April 13, 2022

Hello SWL Families,

On Thursday, April 21st all grade 6 and 9 students will have the opportunity to practice and prepare for the upcoming English Language Arts – Part A Written PAT exam.  The goal of this practice exam is to provide students the experience navigating the Quest A+ technology and a better understanding of the expectations with writing the ELA –Part A PAT.  Grade 6 students will be writing in the morning and grade 9 students will write after lunch.  If you have any questions about PATs please contact Tiffany Jernigan, Assistant Principal at

Our School Council has graciously funded a $1500 subscription to Exam Bank to support your child in preparing for exams.  This is a great example of why we need you to volunteer for our upcoming Casino on April 29th & 30th.  Please click the link below if you are able to donate your time as we have several spaces available.

Casino Volunteer link:

Exam Bank link:  ExamBank

Matilda is coming to SWL.  Tickets can purchased through Eventbrite and at school on Mondays and Wednesday during lunch. 

Adult ticket price: $10

Child ticket price: $5

Eventbrite link:

Have a wonderful long weekend.

Mr. Martin

Mar 31
March 31, 2022

Hello SWL,

Welcome back to school! 

We have a School Council Meeting scheduled for Monday, April 4 at 6:00 pm virtually on Microsoft Teams.  All parents are welcome to attend. If you are interested, please send an e-mail to Ms. Jernigan at and she will send you a Teams Invite. 

Our Casino fundraiser is scheduled for Friday, April 29 and Saturday, April 30 and we need at least 30-40 parent volunteers!  We usually earn about $65,000 and last year alone this purchased:

-$20,000 for computers/Chromebooks and a cart for student learning
-100+ new library books
-Club and Activities Supplies
-Musical Instruments
-Digital Displays in our hallways to celebrate life at SWL
-Sound Equipment for virtual assemblies
-Wrestling Mats and PE Equipment
-Grade 9 Farewell celebration and grade 6-9 awards
-Planetarium Day: Grade Six Science.

Currently, we need a lot of new games and supplies for our library, which is scheduled to reopen for students mid-April.

If we don't have volunteers, we will lose the casino.  Thank you in advance for signing up and making your child's school a better place to be.  Please use the following link to volunteer for a casino shift:

Lastly, we have lots of exciting events scheduled in April to June so stay tuned.  With the lifting of many COVID restrictions, we are excited to bring back Awards celebrations, Band Concerts, Drama Performance,  Open Houses and much, much more.

Have a fantastic weekend, thank you for your continued support. 

Mr. Martin

Feb 04
February 4, 2022

Hello SWL Families, 

We are looking forward to our upcoming School/Parent Council meeting on Monday, February 7 at 6:00 pm. All parents are welcome to attend, please contact Ms. Jernigan at if you would like to receive a Teams Invite.  Please do so before noon on Monday.   

A reminder to families that TLC students are required to be in their formal uniforms on Mondays and wear informal uniforms for the remainder of the week.  Leggings and track pants are not allowed, nor is black coloured attire.  Navy twill only, please. 

The CBE has created a school perception survey and we invite and welcome parents to complete it to inform our school and system.  You can access this survey starting on Monday, February 7 through the school website.  

We greatly enjoyed a school spirit and cultural day today in support of the Calgary Food Bank. Thank you for supporting our community and school!  

Enjoy your weekend  

Mr. Martin 

Notes from Our Community Health Nurse 
Promote respect in February! Every February, students wear pink shirts (February 23) to collectively prevent bullying, show compassion, and encourage kindness. Here are some virtual training options to support their efforts: 

  • Feb. 9: Cyber safety 

    If interested, please click on the highlighted link for more information and online registration.  ​

Jan 03
January 3, 2022


Dear SWL Families,


Welcome to 2022! I trust everyone had a relaxing winter break.


Following the provincial announcement of school closures last week, please note that the week of January 3 - 7 will be non-instructional. Students are on an extended winter break and will return to instruction January 10th.  


Families and students will not have access to the school building from Jan. 3 – 9.  Please phone (403-777-7370) or e-mail the main office if you have questions or need assistance. The school office is closed January 3 and office hours for the period Jan. 4 -7 will be 8:30 am – 3:15 pm.


These are challenging times for families and our thoughts are with you. We greatly look orward to a safe return to school.  


Sincerely Yours,


Mr. Martin


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