We expect all students to behave in a caring manner towards each other at all times. We expect students to respect themselves, respect others, and the school environment, and to apply themselves diligently to their schoolwork. Students are expected to welcome, encourage, and celebrate each other. A focus for our school is to create an environment where all feel safe and where learning and teaching can occur in a risk-free climate. To assist us in our endeavors we focus directly on character education. The ultimate goal is to create students who are self-disciplined and reflective about their behaviours and their actions.

Consequences for infractions may include verbal redirection, time-outs, loss of privileges, conflict resolution strategies, goal setting, parental contact, noon detentions, community service, in-school and home suspensions, parent-approved referral to outside support service providers, or involvement of the Calgary Police Services School Resource Officer (SRO). The objective is to change behaviours rather than to punish the student. In the event that these measures are not successful, staff may bring the issue to the School Learning Team (SLT) for further intervention. All matters of discipline, including recommended consequences, are dealt with in a confidential manner and therefore are not shared with the school community.

Three Pillars of Respect

The three pillars that guide the Traditional Learning Centre are: 

Respect for Self

  • Each student will strive for academic excellence.
  • Students and parents recognize that diligence, effort, and scholastic achievement generate self-esteem.
  • Students understand that they are to abide by a code of conduct and that they are a main contributor to the school climate and culture. 

Respect for Others

  • This comprises respect for human and property rights of others, respect for roles or legitimate authority in home, community and country, and respect for the contributions of those more or less capable than oneself in given areas.
  • Students will contribute to an orderly, disciplined and secure school environment based on clear ethical principles. The ability for each student to exercise their right to an education in optimal conditions is paramount and the school will strive to uphold this right.

Respect for the Environment

  • Students are expected to provide care and stewardship for the natural environment where possible and for the school building campus at large and all resources made available to them.

Behaviour on the Bus

Bus Rules/ Expectations

  • Be on time
  • Stay seated at all times (facing forward)
  • No food, gum, or drinks (except water)
  • Talk quietly
  • No inappropriate language
  • No roughhousing / play-fighting or other distracting behaviour
  • Respect drivers and follow all directives—including assigned seating

Riding the bus is a privilege and any students who do not comply with the bus expectations may find themselves suspended from riding the bus and parents will have to find alternative ways of getting their children to school. 

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