Dress Code

Students are attending an alternative school within the CBE, and are required to dress in uniforms or appropriate dress for the activities of the school at all times. Mondays and assembly days are considered formal days and students are expected to wear a full uniform. During the remainder of the week they may choose between a vest or the cardigan, a kilt or navy pants. Students are not expected to wear ties on informal days. No sweat pants or yoga pants. Shirts are to be tucked in at all times. In the summer months a white golf shirt with the school logo is an appropriate alternative. Please label ALL clothing with your child’s full name, as it is extremely hard to distinguish one kilt, shirt or cardigan from another.

School Uniforms

Students are expected to be in formal uniforms on Mondays, special occasions and for assembly days. Students are permitted to wear casual clothes on specific days of the school year, which will be shared with students ahead of time. Students must abide by uniform regulations.

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