Daily Physical Education Classes

All students have physical education classes daily.  Students are required to change into an appropriate shirt, shorts or sweat pants and must have proper running shoes for these classes.  The school has a gym strip available for purchase.  Each student will have a locker in locker rooms located near the gym.  Locks are provided by the school but will have to be paid for if they are lost or broken.  Outside locks are not permitted.

Digital devices are never permitted in the change rooms.


Practice Schedules 

Students are required to check with their coaches for any schedule changesThe office does not have a list of schedule or time changes.

Season of Play  


SoccerAugust 31 - October 29Boys - Tues/Thur
Girls - Mon/Wed
Cross-CountryAugust 31 - October 15


September 11 - December 3

 Boys - Mon/Wed

Girls - Tues/Thur

WrestlingOctober 30 - February 4
VolleyballJanuary 8 - March 24Boys - Mon/Wed
Girls - Tues/Thur
BadmintonApril 2 - May 21

Track & Field

May 12 – June 16


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