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Thank you for checking your teachers' blogs and websites throughout the year.  Below you will see a link to your teacher's blog.

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I'm excited to have presented Physical and Vocal Performance - Wave or Particle? at FirstSTEAM 2022 #FirstSTEAM2022 @sched Proud to bring the experience back to @swlcbe !!

Bump in for Matilda Jr. tech crew so excited to get hands on with hi tech!

RT @JeannieVallee: A huge thank you to Sir Wilfred Laurier School students & teachers for the wonderful band performance this morning! A special thank you to Aisling Tonn for leading the students in this fabulous experience and answering @RadissonParkCBE students’ questions! #WeAreCBE @yyCBEdu

RT @principalfero: Kindness, compassion, and the beauty of a chance encounter. A thread: I just happened to run into the wonderful Shirley Hill yesterday. Miss Shirley was working at @KiddleCBE and it was great to see her back out working in schools. 1/?

RT @yyCBEdu: Many CBE schools will be wearing hats today in support of mental health awareness! #WeAreCBE