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Activity/Program Student Fees

Students and parents are aware that most school costs are provided for by the Calgary Board of Education, but may not be aware that an important aspect of high school education are not included in this budget allocation.

Activity and/or Program Fees are additional costs to cover off-campus activity costs or material costs for students beyond core curriculum. Off-campus activity charges are required in complementary courses and physical education classes to pay facility rental charges for activities such as canoeing, swimming, bowling, golf, etc. Program fees may be required for material costs.


  • Textbooks are issued to students twice a year at the beginning of each semester. Times for picking up textbooks will be posted around the school and advertised on the main website page when appropriate.
  • Textbooks are the property of Sir Winston Churchill High School.  Students are required to look after the books and will be charged for any loss or excessive damage which is caused.
  • Textbooks are assigned to students for a semester. Textbooks must be returned, no later than the day of the exam, to the Business Office. We appreciate you returning your textbooks on time.
  • Each textbook is barcoded with a unique number.  Students are expected to return the exact same textbook.


The Calgary Board of Education provides detailed information concerning transportation to schools. Please visit the Calgary Board of Education website for details.

The Calgary Board of Education currently has a rebate program for students who use Calgary Transit bus passes, live beyond the 2.4 km walk limit and attend their designated school.


Student parking on school property is available on a limited basis.  All student vehicles parked on school property must display a current Sir Winston Churchill High School parking permit, available in early September at a cost of $40 for the year.  Students must apply during school opening.  Parking priority will be given to Grade 12 student applications.  Students who park on school property without a permit will be ticketed and/or towed.

Lost and Found

Students are advised not to leave valuables or money in their lockers, PE change rooms, or any place where they are not fully secured.  We recommend that you leave valuables at home.  All lost and found articles are to be turned into the business office.  Unclaimed items are disposed of in a timely fashion.  The school does not assume responsibility for lost or stolen articles.

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