Our Staff

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Name & EmailPositionVoice Mail
Rajan, ArvinPrincipal2400
McDonald, JaymeAssistant Principal, A - H2401
McKelvie, CherylAssistant Principal, I - O2402
Cave, TammyAssistant Principal, P - Z 2403

Support Staff

Name/EmailPositionVoice Mail
Amatto, CarrieBusiness Manager2121
Chow, AllisonSIS Secretary2414
Decock, TammyAdministrative Secretary2415
Geddes, RosaEducational Assistant7084
Izadifard, Maryam Science Technologist 7175
Jacobs, Ralph Automotive Instructor 2009
Mahtani, PriyaEducation Assistant7024
Nestor, AlexTechnology Support Specialist 2102
Opperman, JenniferEducation Assistant7092
Ofner, LisaStudent Services Secretary2410
Rottaire, DiannaSupport Staff7190
Yu, AmyLibrary Assistant2500

Teaching Staff

Name & EmailPositionVoice Mail
Ahluwalia, Jasmine English Teacher - On Leave  7016
Alladin, Kimberley* Head of Student Services / Counsellor M-R 2408
Andrews, Dean 
Science Teacher7001
Bartal, Yasmin Mathematics Teacher  7069
Besplug, Matthew Mathematics Teacher 7400
Black, Jennifer Counsellor A-F/ International Student Coordinator 7173
Blackburn, TobiEnglish Teacher7034
Boissonnault, WendyEnglish Teacher7119
Bolokoski, LawrenceFine Arts Teacher2103
Bondy, MichaelCTS Teacher7062
Breadner, LeighSocial Studies Teacher 7192
Cable, ScottSocial Studies Teacher7017
Chan, Karen*Learning Leader, English 3213
Chan, Lorraine Counsellor S-Z / Student Services  2404
Chung, LorraneMathematics Teacher7162
Coco, Heather English Teacher7176
Cousineau, Anne*Learning Leader, Learning Strategies5101
Davis, KarenMathematics Teacher7165
Decock, BreydenScience Teacher 7021
Dieu, JohnEnglish Teacher 7023
Drysdale, LauraPhysical Education Teacher7065
Fitz, TonyMath Teacher7168
Fleming, AJEnglish Teacher7015
Foisy, Jennifer Science Teacher7007
Froment, KenMathematics Teacher 7046
Gallad, DianeScience Teacher 7056
Giannoutsos, Barbara*Learning Leader, International Languages4232
Giannoutsos, Gus*Learning Leader, Mathematics7047
Gilchrist, KevinSocial Studies Teacher7135
Graham, DavidSocial Studies Teacher7035
Grozell, Elaine*Learning Leader of Fine Arts/ Fine Arts Teacher3124
Hamel, Neil Learning Strategies 7048
Held, LindseyMathematics Teacher7025
Henkel, RachelleFine Arts / Choir Teacher7022
Hill, JodyEnglish Teacher 7149
Horne, ErikScience Teacher7005
Hutchinson, AndyPhysical Education Teacher7060
Irving, Mackenzie Social Studies Teacher7018
Johnson, Brent* CTS Learning Leader  7011
Johnson, Tyler LMathematics Teacher7043
Jones, Margaret RuthCTS Teacher 7187
Keller, StephaniePhysical Education Teacher 7008
Kerkhoven, Eric*Physical Education Learning Leader2502
Kiziak, DarrenSocial Studies Teacher7194
Kooner, SheenaScience Teacher 7045
Krause, StephenPhysical Education Teacher 7009
Krogstad, QuintinEnglish Teacher7039
Lee, ArleneEnglish Teacher & IB Coordinator7124
Leonard, ChristineScience Teacher  7013
Lessard, PascaleInternational Languages Teacher 7055
Luu, AnnaMathematics Teacher7185
Macauley, LisaMathematics Teacher7054
MacGregor, David*Learning Leader, Social Studies7083
Mah, JessicaScience Teacher7064
Makar, DaleScience Teacher7181
McKeage, JamesEnglish Teacher7167
Moes, AlineInternational Languages7032
Morante, Enrique Science Teacher7052
Morice, TaraMathematics Teacher 7051
Murray, Kristen Counsellor G-L  / Student Services  2407
Najand, NadimScience Teacher7057
Nickell, Dave*Learning Leader, Science7067

Oakes, TamaraSocial Studies Teacher 7071
Olbricht, NathanCTS Teacher7123
Palmiere, Terri LFine Arts Teacher 7036
Parker, MeganCTS Teacher7027
Pengelly, RockySocial Studies Teacher7183
Penny, JohnMathematics Teacher
Phui, LauraSocial Studies Teacher 7174
Roberts, DougCTS2009
Robertson, ChadCTS Teacher7170
Rodriguez de la Vega, JenniferCTS Teacher 7033
Rounding, PhilipFine Arts2001
Samji-Kasssam, ShelinaMathematics Teacher7026
Sarin, TaniaCTS Teacher 7028
Schoenthaler, AndrewPhysical Education Teacher7110
Singh, Rinita English Teacher7153
Slaght, TaylorPhysical Education Teacher7014
Smith, StephanieMathematics Teacher 7012
Snyder, DavidScience Teacher7059
Spademan, JamieCTS Teacher7184
Sparks, KatherineScience Teacher7030
Stephansson Ross,  RebeccaInternational Languages Teacher 7070
Szol, RyanScience Teacher7029
Taylor, WayneEnglish Teacher - on leave 7031
Thomson, IanScience Teacher7189
Topp, Julie* Learning Leader of ELL / ELL2510
Valenzuela, BrittanyEnglish Teacher7003
Walter, JeffScience Teacher7077
Watson, KatelynEnglish Teacher  7058
Williams, Sarah*Athletic Director 4004
Wright, KailaCTS Teacher  2010
Young, JulianStudent Services Teacher2127
Yu, CarolynScience Teacher7050
Yuen, PaulScience Teacher7053
Zavaleta, ArmandoScholarships/Work Experience/RAP7061
Zhao, CherryInternational Languages Teacher7002

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