Media Coverage

From time to time, we receive requests from mass media representatives (newspapers, magazines, radio stations, television stations, or websites) to come onto school property to report on and/or photograph/record an aspect of the school or its programs. These may, thereafter, be digitally manipulated, published, broadcast, re-broadcast or sold to other media outlets.

Media requests will be carefully considered before being approved by the principal. Schools may cooperate with the media, within reason, to encourage celebration of school achievements and share information with others. However, we recognize that there are instances where parents may not wish their child to be recorded. In such cases, school staff will involve that child in other activities during the media’s attendance.

In cases where the media wish to interview, photograph, or profile students in the school, the principal will seek parental written consent in advance of each media request. If parental consent is absent, no such interview will take place.
The Calgary Board of Education (CBE) cannot prevent media outlets from photographing students from vantage points beyond our control, such as outside the school or across the street from the school. Nor can the CBE prevent the media from interviewing students at these locations. If this is a concern, parents should discuss the matter with their child to alert them to this possibility.

Similarly, parents and the media may take recordings of children at public events in the school or off-site. In such instances, your child’s image or voice or a digital manipulation of the image or audio may be recorded, broadcast or published. Once the photograph or recording has been taken, the CBE cannot restrict or limit subsequent publication or re-broadcast.​

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