Student Bulletin


Updated 30 June 2021


  • Wednesday, June 30 -  Non-Instructional Day - School Closed


  • June 28 - July 27 - Summer School through CBeLearn 


  • August 25 - main office reopens
  • August 25, 26, 30 and 31 - School Photos, Forms, and Textbooks 
  • September 1 - First Day of Classes 


Textbook and Library book returns

All books must be returned to the Business office by June 30th.  Grade 12 students must ensure all books are returned.  Students from Grade 10 & 11 will not be able to get next year's textbooks in August if textbooks are not returned. 
During the summer, students can call the Business Office to make an appointment to return books by calling the school at 403-289-9241, and extension 2421.

Graduating Students or leaving the CBE

For any students graduating or leaving the CBE, you will lose access to all CBE platforms after June 30, 2021. This includes:
• D2L
• Google Workspace for Education (formerly G-Suite for Education), including Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Classroom

The link below has the recommended steps to follow to save data, forward emails, etc.: 


Alexander Rutherford Scholarship application will be available in early August 2021.  Please continue to check the scholarship D2L shell for announcements and content with regard to fast approaching deadlines.  Loans and Grants:  Step-by-step instructions to apply for loans and grants available at:   Studentaid.alberta.caAny questions, please contact Ms. Behrens in the library to discuss.

Lunchroom Designated for June

  • Grade 10 - Rooms 211, 216, 228 
  • Grade 11 - Rooms 205, 207, 215, 223, 231, 242
  • Grade 12 - Rooms 110, 111, 112, 113, 116, 221
  • all Grades - Rooms 101, 105, 121, 127, 209, R3, Band room

Volunteer Churchill

Need volunteer or CAS hours?  Want to give back to the community?  Volunteer Churchill is a go this year, offering virtual and socially distanced in-person volunteer opportunities.  To get involved check out our Volunteer Churchill Facebook page and Instagram.

Clubs and Activities

Monday TuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday 
Lunch Paws Club-218GSA - 217 
Origami Club - 234
School Store Open
French Club - room 227
Crossroads Club - gym
Music Production Club in Bandroom
Anime Club - room 106
School Store Open 
Game Programming Club - afterschool Thurs room 118
Muslim Youth Club - in gym after school

Phrase of the Week 

ChineseFrenchGermanSpanish Latin
.近朱  者 赤 
Jìn zhū zhĕ chì。 
If you live with a lame person you will learn to limp.
Que fais-tu quand
tu as du temps libre ?
What do you do in your spare time?
Wieder zurück in die Schule . . . los geht’s!

Hace buen tiempo => It’s a nice day
Et ipsa scientia potestas est~
And knowledge itself is power.  Francis Bacon

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