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We have full-time counsellors and a secretary. Students are assigned alphabetically to their counsellor.

Student Last Names Starting With
Ms. Jenn Black 
Guidance Counsellor / International Student Coordinator
A - F
Mrs. Kristen Murray
Guidance Counsellor
G - L
Ms. Kim Alladin
Guidance Counsellor
M - R
Ms. Lorraine Chan
Guidance Counsellor
S - Z
Ms. Arlene Lee
IB Coordinator
All Students
Mrs. Lisa Ofner
Extension 2410

Location and Hours

We are located behind the main office with access through the hallway to the left of the main office.

  • Monday – Thursday: 9:00 AM until 3:00 PM
  • Friday: 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM


Welcome to all new and returning Churchill students - come visit us in Student Services!

Appointments can be scheduled up to 10 days in advance through Ms. Ofner.

We want students to get to know their counsellors BEFORE problems arise. You are encouraged to book anytime to make use of the many services offered, and find out who your counsellor is and introduce yourself. No reason is too small or too great to see a counsellor!

Guidance Counsellors can:

  • resolve, deal with or mediate any personal or family issues
  • provide you with outside agency support or referral
  • help you to choose a career path
  • aid you in course selection that matches your goals and ensure graduation
  • help provide access to academic help
  • provide detailed post secondary information and entrance requirements

Information Sessions

Orientation sessions for Grade 10 and new students are held early in the fall term to acquaint them with the counsellors and their services. Sessions for  students are conducted early in the year to provide students with important program, post-secondary, and scholarship information.

Timetables & Change Requests

Counsellors have examined student timetables to ensure appropriate course selections for all students and to address concerns regarding sequence and workload balance, with adjustments made where possible. We expect there will still be some changes requested.

To make a request students must follow these mandatory procedures:

  1. Pick-up your student timetable when you come to the school to pay your fees and get your textbooks
  2. If you feel a change is required or if you have a “see counsellor” on your timetable, you must go see the personnel outside student services. Come ASAP or during your spare or affected class on the first day of school.
  3. If the request is deemed appropriate*, you will receive a course change request form**.
  4. Complete the form ASAP (before the end of the first day) and leave it in the basket provided

*Changes to complementary classes will not be considered. Requests to change teachers will only be considered if you have previously completed a class with the same teacher. If not, you may not request a change.

**The form is the ONLY mechanism for making course changes

Students will be issued a change request form for the following reasons ONLY:

  • You lack the prerequisite for this course
  • You attended summer school and passed this course (attach copy of report card)
  • You have a blank in your timetable
  • Your courses are out of sequence

Counsellors will be working to complete these changes as quickly as possible. Completed changes will be incorporated into the colored student timetables distributed during homeroom during the first week of classes. Following the distribution of timetables, students who do not see requested changes should check with the personnel outside Student Services regarding the status of their requested change.

Counsellors will NOT be available for individual appointments during the first few days of school due to New Student Registrations. Counsellors will contact students if necessary to discuss proposed changes. If you have a “see counsellor” on your timetable, on the first day of classes, please come to student services on your spare or during the class time that is impacted.

Policy for Dropping a Course

Deadline for dropping a full semester class will be: Semester 1 - last day of Term 1, Semester 2 - last day of Term 3

Read the following steps carefully:

  • Students will book an appointment with their guidance counsellor to determine if their request to drop a class is feasible.
  • If a course change is possible, then students are responsible for completing the drop form in the order each step appears on the form. Students will receive the drop form from their counsellor.
  • Once the drop form is complete, the student’s Assistant Principal will review the form and make the final decision.
  • Students must attend classes until the process is complete.
  • We recommend that you meet with your teacher before initiating the drop process to determine your options for attaining success in your current class.
  • 3 Class Minimum: One of Churchill’s requirements is that students must maintain a minimum of three classes in their timetable. If a student is considering dropping a 5 credit class, they must be able to replace that class with a three credit class for the term. Keep in mind that the timetable is extremely tight and there may not be a class that fits your schedule and aligns with your prerequisites.
  • Grade 10 students must maintain 4 classes for both Semester 1 and 2.

Grade 12 Credit Checks

It is critical that each grade 12 student complete a credit check with his/her counsellor prior to the end of November. Completion of a credit check is the process that places you on the grad list.

The credit check reviews the following:

  • Review credits and course requirements
  • Discuss what your plans are next year; upgrading, travelling or Post-Secondary and early admissions
  • Review Rutherford Scholarship requirements and let you know if you qualify. Applications can be submitted online anytime, once you have been accepted by your preferred post-secondary institution.
  • Officially add you to the Graduation List. You can choose how you would like your name read as you cross the stage (legal name, middle name, etc.)

We also discuss the student's plans following high school graduation and provide information about post-secondary institutions and application procedures. Career planning resources are also available in the Career Centre.

The deadline to complete a credit check is the first week of December.

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