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2023-24 Planning Guide

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Grade 10 Information Book

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Which Counsellor Should You See?

Guidance counsellors continue to be available to students requiring support. Please email your guidance counsellor to set up a phone or skype conversation. We will be sharing some mental health supports to our students and their families.

Guidance counsellors are assigned based on the first letter of your last name.  Click on the highlighted name to send email directly to the counsellor.


Mrs. Jenn Black  (


Mrs. Kristen Murray  (


Mrs. Kim Alladin   (


Mrs. Lorraine Chan   (

Student Services is staffed with four full-time Guidance Counsellors, one part-time Guidance Counsellor and a full-time Student Services Secretary. Guidance Counsellors are available to provide personal, educational and career counseling.

Our Work Experience teacher, Mr. Zavaleta, also works with scholarships. He will provide information on scholarships, grants, bursaries and student loans. He is located in the library.

Making Appointments

To make an appointment, go to the Student Services office located behind the main office. Let Mrs.Ofner ( know that you would like to make an appointment, and she will book you one with your Guidance Counsellor in the period that works best with your schedule. Please check in with the secretary when you enter the Student Services Office. Please book appointments before school, at lunch, or after school (not during class).  If you must come during a class, you must get permission from the class teacher to leave. 

Resource Officer

Constable George Kovacs, a member of the Calgary Police Service, is assigned to Churchill. He will assist students in a variety of ways, including legal advice, classroom presentations on numerous topics and one-to-one consultation with students. Constable Kovac's main role is to assist students and improve police and school communications. His office is located the same hallway as Student Services.

The Learning Centre

The Learning Centre is located in Room 101. This Centre is staffed with resource teachers and educational assistants. This area is open all day, including before and after school and at lunch. The Learning Centre hours are from 7:30 AM to 3:45 PM. If you need some extra help, please feel free to drop in. If you have an IPP we encourage students to stop by and meet the team in the Learning Centre if you haven't already.


  • 8:15 AM – 8:50 AM (Monday – Thursday)
  • So important to get in the habit of attending tutorials early on
  • Great opportunity to connect with your teacher to check understanding or look for clarification on homework or assignments.

ELL/ESL Support

ELL/ESL students who desire extra language assistance must attend morning subject tutorials on a regular basis as recommended by their subject area teachers. Additional support is available in the Learning Resource Centre before school, during the lunch hour, and after school. Students who do not access extra time support throughout each of the semesters will be denied extra time support for final exams and Alberta Education diploma exams.

Alberta High School Diploma Graduation Requirements

Please visit our Academic Guidelines page to learn more.

Post-Secondary Research

As mentioned in the grade meeting, myBlueprint is a fantastic resource to support you in your post-secondary research. You can access myBlueprint from your cell phones and tablets as well. More information is available on our Career Centre page.

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​​​Support for Students at the CBE

Our students’ success is our top priority and we understand that our students live complex lives and that many factors both in school and outside of school can affect their ability to learn. The CBE offers a variety of services (such as Culture and Linguistic Support, Exceptional and Special Needs, and Psychological Services) to support students, their families and our school, so students can be successful learners. Visit the CBE website to learn more.​​​​