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International Baccalaureate

2022-2023 Planning Guide

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Transitioning to High School

High school can be a great shock to many people. Differences such as 80 minute classes can be overwhelming. The curriculum moves much faster and the material must be learned in five instead of ten months. The classes you begin in September will be half over on October 31. One of the most obvious differences is that teachers give you more autonomy and you need to be responsible for your own work!

The cafeteria is huge and busy; there are larger classes; final exams are written in the gym, not in classrooms, and an important skill for new students, is learning how to negotiate the crowded, narrow hallways.

High school does have a lot of benefits. There are dozens of different clubs. There are over two thousand chances to make a new friend and even a Grade 12 student, who has been at Churchill for three years, can still see at least 25 new faces everyday. Getting involved with a club or team is a wonderful way to feel part of your new community early in the school year. There are a lot of opportunities to meet new people.

This is a handout to give you an introduction to all of the different supports available here at Churchill, as well as other information that is important to you at the beginning of your high school career.

High School Recommendations

Junior high teachers will make high school recommendations for all Grade 9 students. These recommendations will be based on a body of work completed throughout the school year and may be subject to change as the year progresses. Junior high teachers will review recommendations at the end of June and make adjustments as needed.

If your child has struggled with junior high content or would benefit from working their way towards the higher level classes, the following statements may be true:

  • Students at this level of achievement may benefit from starting with Eng 10-2, Soc 10-2, Sci 14, Math 10-3
  • High school counsellors will work with students to create an individual plan to upgrade to the higher level courses if student wishes to take Eng/Soc 10-1, Sci 10, Math 10 Common
  • The pace of this plan may look different with individual students in order to accommodate learning needs.
  • NEW – Students who wish to take Math 10 Common may benefit from taking Math Competencies 15 in the first semester in order to be better prepared for success in Math 10 Common Semester 2. (3 or 5 credits depending on support needed)

Note: We will honour the recommendations made from the junior high teachers. Students will be registered for the academic classes recommended by the junior high teachers.

Announcing Next Year's Open House Thursday, January 26, 2023

Our in-person Open House will take place from 6:00 - 7:30 pm and begin with 15-20 minute information session hosted by our Principal, Arvin Rajan and the Administrative team in the main gym.  This will be the only session offered so plan to arrive early to be settled in gym as the session will begin promptly at 6:00pm.  Following this session, parents and prospective students are welcome to tour the school, either in self-guided fashion or by way of brief guided tours that will depart from the main foyer every 15 minutes.

High School 101

We are excited to welcome your child to Sir Winston Churchill high School next fall.  A new school with different expectations can be quite overwhelming and a big adjustment for students and parents.  As a school, we want to make sure that the transition from junior high to high school is smooth and manageable for you and your child.  Each April we will invite you and your grade 9 student to Sir Winston Churchill High School for High School 101.  This is a presentation led by various Churchill students to help parents understand the basis of their child's next step in education.  Further information regarding date and time will be sent to our junior high feeder schools in February. 

Grade 9 Students Interested in Entering International Baccalaureate (IB)

Please see presentation under Resources.

Students living within the boundaries of Sir Winston Churchill High School need to complete the following steps: - Be registered to attend SWC - Choose courses that would prepare you for the IB Application process in November of your grade 10 year.

Students not living within the boundaries of Sir Winston Churchill High School need to complete the following steps: - Complete the Transfer process found on the Calgary Board of Education website under the Registration tab. - Once accepted at SWC, choose courses that would prepare you for the IB Application process in November of your Grade 10 year.

Please visit the Registration Guidelines for registration details, whether you are attending:

  • CBE junior high school
  • CBE special program - TLC, Gate or Language Immersion
  • Not attending a CBE school - Charter, Private or Home School
  • Living within our designated districts - Nolan Hill, Sherwood, Hamptons, Edgemont, Dalhousie, Varsity or Brentwood (west of Charleswood Drive)
  • Living outside our designated districts, but within CBE's Area 1.

Students interested in Math IB, Biology IB, Physics IB, Business Management IB or a full IB Diploma Program must be registered in appropriate courses in the first semester of their Grade 10 year. Students interested in pursuing these IB courses, or a full IB program (beginning the second semester of Grade 10) will submit an application to the IB Coordinator in November of their Grade 10 year. As the IB program is designed to be a program rather than individual courses of enrichment, acceptance into the program will look at the applicant’s total requests and teacher recommendations. A well-rounded program will receive priority attention and placement.

In the spring of the Grade 10 year, students have an opportunity to apply for IB courses that begin the Grade 11 year. 

Students interested in the following courses: Must complete the following courses in the first semester of the Grade 10 year. 
Math IB
Chemistry IB     
Math 10 cohort IB in the first semester of Grade 10 
Biology IBMath 10 Common in the first semester of Grade 10 is acceptable. 
Physics IB Math 10 cohort IB in the first semester of Grade 10 and Science 10 in the first semester of Grade 10 
Full IB with the exception of students completing Business Management Math 10 cohort IB in the first semester of Grade 10 and Science 10 in the first semester of Grade 10 

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