See further down the page for more detailed club information.

.Amnesty International
.Athletic Council
.Anime Club
.Badminton Club
.Biology/Chem Club
.Chess Club
.Christian Life Club
.Churchill Chronicle
.Citizens of Churchill
.Climbing Club
.Debate Club
Design Club
.Earth Club
ELL Conversation Club
Entrepreneurship Club
.Gay-Straight Alliance
German Club
.Grad Committee
Interact Club
.Math Club
.Model United Nations
Muslim Youth Club
Peer Tutoring
.Poetry Club
.Principal’s Advisory
Physics Club
Robotics Club
Sandwich Making
Science Cafe
Science Fair
Science Olympics
Sikh Student Association
.Spanish Club
Student Leadership
SWC Music Network
Table Tennis Club
.United for Africa
.Video Game Club
.Volunteer Churchill
Wellness Club
.Yearbook Club
.Yoga Club
And more...

Clubs and Activities

Monday - Lunch 
- Churchill Chronicle, room 224
- Crossroads Club, room R5
- Earth Club, room 240
- Interact Club, room 231
- Poetry Club, room 243
- Yearbook, room 205 as needed
- DECA Club, room 121
-Model UN, room 111
-Book/Film Club, room 216

Monday - After School 
- Creative Writing Club, room 216
- Volunteer Churchill Steering Committee, room 243

Tuesday - Lunch 
- Churchill Chronicles, room 224
- Bio/Chem Club, room 221
- Climbing Club, room 237
- Design Club - 122
- GirlUP! Churchill, room 124
- Math Club, room 209
- Mustard Seed Club, room 224
- PAWS Club, room 106
- Vocal Club, band room
-Sikh Student Association, room 218

Tuesday After School 
- Badminton Club, gym
- Robotics Club, room 126

Wednesday - Lunch 
-  Anime Club, room 107
- Cancer Society Club, room 226
- Citizens of Churchill, theatre biweekly
- Chess Club, room 223
-Classical Music Club, room 219
- Grad Committee,  room 218
- Rugby Club in main gym
- Speech Club, room 214
-Astrophysics Club, room 226
- Interactive Engineering Club, room 122
-Conversation Club, room 214

Thursday Lunch
- Amnesty International, room 216
- French Club, room 235
- BSU Club, room 205
- Aerospace Club, room 226
-Lopez Math Club, room 231
- Coding Club, room 107
-Chinese Club, room R5
-Card playing Club, Admiralty
-Art and Life Drwing Club, room 102
- Volunteer Churchill, Theatre (every 2 weeks)

Thursday After School
- Game Development, room 118
- Robotics Club, room 126

Friday After School - 1:15 pm 
- Model UN, room 111
- Muslim Youth Club, Wellness room
- Tennis

Anime Club

The Anime Club is a place for fans to socialize with a wide range of people who share your love for the genre. This club is student driven and welcomes those interested in films, gaming, card play, drawing, cosplay, AMV and so much more. We have many events occurring almost every month during the school year. We meet every week but you can drop in and out as your schedule allows.

Badminton Club

Registration Required

We welcome any registered students to join, it is for recreation and fun. We have practices on Friday evenings in our school's main gymnasium. Students will have to register for the club and arrange their own transportation. They will have to wear appropriate sport attire (including indoor sport shoes) and bring their own racquets. Students do not have to attend all the practices or stay for the entire practice session. Registration will be taken place every September (1st semester) and February (2nd semester). 

Bio Club

If you love biology and/or are interested in enrichment activities or a career in the biological sciences, then this club is for you. We have been exploring evolution, and are beginning our preparation for the national Biology exam which is written in April. We also spend time discussing issues that arise from course work, and we do field trips when weather permits. Dissections are coming this semester.

Chess Club 

Players of all skill levels are welcome to join the Chess Club. We spend a great deal of time discussing the best moves in different situations, in order to play with more proficiency. Friends of players are more than welcome to come cheer on their friends! 

Crossroads Club

We meet for fellowship, prayer, discussion, planning and exploration of the bible. We have planned and hosted praise and worship evenings in the Theatre after school, which we hope to continue. Our goal is to grow in faith and courage as we learn about Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit in the context of Sir Winston Churchill.

Citizens of Churchill

Thank you for your interest in joining Citizens of Churchill. This is a very important club that will go a long way in making an individual feel at home in our school. We will support Churchill students in a variety of ways throughout the year, including planning and volunteering for the Grade 9 tours and open house and High School 101. Our team's goal is to encourage a positive and welcoming school community.  Some of the things we do are: 

  • Touring and helping new students 
  • Welcoming new students 
  • Leadership Opportunities 
  • Plan and present High School 101 
  • Assist in planning and presenting Grade 9 Tours and Open House 

Climbing Club 

The climbing club focuses on technique, strength building, health and fun. The club meets at the Stronghold Climbing Gym to use their indoor climbing wall. Two certified climbing instructors provide assistance to ensure that safety standards are met and to coach students on climbing techniques. 

Debate & Speech Club

Don't you just think that debating is the greatest thing ever? Perhaps you might beg to differ, by showing a palm raised and holding an imaginary wig? Hey, if you have the gift of gab, or just want to learn how to destroy the competition with your witty banter and thoughtful repartee, then this is the club for you! We plan to compete in several competitions this year.

Earth Club

Are you as green as Kermit the frog? Make a positive change in the environment that starts with YOU! 

German Club

If you are interested in the German language, history, and culture, come and join us. You will have a chance to meet with others and explore fascinating aspects of everything that is German. Come and practice or work on your German skills and take part in interesting activities. You do not have to have any German language skills at all to join.

Graduation Committee

Someone has to give those speeches and plan your awesome grad. Might as well be you! This is a fairly important commitment as you will be planning and doing the legwork for your graduation class. If you are keen to have the best grad ever, this is your club!

Math Club & Contests

The Math Club hopes to give students opportunities to interact with other students who share similar interests and have fun with math. It will provide training for students to compete in provincial, national, and international math competitions. These competitions include the Canadian Open Math Challenge, Alberta High School Math Contest, Cayley, Fermat, and Euclid Contests. Strong results in these competitions can lead to awards, monetary prizes, and scholarships to universities. See math contest schedule under Resources on the right side of this page.    Registration for many of the math contests will take place online.  

Model United Nations (UN)

The Model UN club allows students to experience international diplomacy and negotiation. All SWCHSMUN Conference information is kept up to date via the SWCHSMUN website.

The SWC Model UN Club has a team wiki, which is a good source of current information. You will need to log in with your credentials given to you by the club. Talk to Mr. Gilchrist or Mr. MacGregor for more information. This information is private and only accessible to MUN members.

Muslim Youth Club

Muslim Youth Club meets every Friday after classes for prayer. This is a great way for students at Churchill to meet other Muslim youth and connect with them. Upcoming events are discussed and holidays are celebrated. Everyone is welcome.

Poetry Club

Science Café 

The Science Café is a relaxed and friendly place to join in discussions with leading scientific experts, teachers, parents and friends, while listening to live music and enjoying some free café food. Come and join us – all are welcome!


  • build relationships between staff/students/parents/science community
  • motivate and engage student learning
  • connect classroom learning with real life applications
  • increase depth of understanding
  • provide opportunity to question science facts and ethics
  • prepare students for science-related decisions in everyday living
  • stimulate student career choices
  • highlight and reflect on recent scientific advancements
  • encourage an attitude that science as an exciting and necessary life long learning endevour
  • improve student communication skills

Science Fairs & Contests 

Each year Sir Winston Churchill is fortunate to have a variety of students compete and be successful in Calgary Youth Science Fair held in spring at the University of Calgary. Students perform their own unique experiment on their own or in teams of two under the divisions of  Life and Health Sciences, Physical and Chemical Sciences, Mathematical and Computing Sciences, and Consumer Goods/Food Sciences. Meetings start in the fall to provide students with ample opportunity to improve their ideas and meet various deadlines.

Science Olympics 

Science Olympics is a competitive and fun event where a series of problem solving challenges are solved by teams. Students are required to apply their knowledge of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics in creative ways to meet challenges. Science Olympics is first and foremost a club for science-minded and "outside the box" thinkers. Students organize themselves into teams of four to six members in order to compete at various competitions: Chevron Science Olympics hosted by the Telus World of Science (teams of four), Science Olympics hosted by APEGGA (teams of five), SET Challenge hosted by the University of Calgary (teams of six composed of two Grade 10s, two Grade 11s, and two Grade 12s).

Speech Club  

For individual coaching please see Ms. Cole to arrange a time.

Sir Winston Churchill Music Students' Network (SWCMSN)

This is the group of band and choir students who meet regularly all year (selected Fridays after school) to organize/support/provide the following activities. The list includes, but is not limited to:

  • Remembrance Day Ceremony cooperatively with Ms. Boissoneault and Student Leadership.
  • Music Recital Weeks cooperatively with Ms. Moes and International Language presentations
  • Music for Grad (in conjunction with Grad Committee)
  • Oktoberfest Music Camp
  • Concerts and outreach to the Junior High Schools and Elementary Schools, including the Family of Schools Concert
  • Community requests for music performances  (when possible).
  • Band Student group fundraising for those who are having difficulty covering the costs of the band program

Table Tennis 

Drop in table tennis begins Wednesday, September 24 at lunch in the aux gym. A schedule of subsequent drop in days will be posted on the aux gym door.

The SWC table tennis club focuses on creating interest, confidence and skills towards all kinds of people who wish to take part in table tennis. It's competitive, recreational and a great place to socialize. Just come and join us during lunch in the aux gym on Monday or Wednesday. If you don't know how to play, don't worry. Although we do not have a professional coach, we have a well-trained member at school that can teach you just about all the skills you need to become a confident player. You can also practice with any club member at your will. If you currently don’t have your own paddle, don’t worry. You can either borrow one from the sport office. If you want to get your own, go search an online store or purchase from a store right here in Calgary. Also, you might want to participate in some Open Events in Calgary, visit the Alberta Table Tennis Association (ATTA)

Volunteer Churchill

Volunteer Churchill is a school based club that helps to facilitate volunteer experiences for our students. We contact various organizations throughout the city to help arrange safe, meaningful experiences for our students. There is an array of projects to choose from both in the school and out in the community.

Volunteer opportunities are advertised at General Meetings during noon hour, every second Thursday in the school theatre. Students sign up for the projects on a first-come, first served basis

In order to volunteer for out-of-school projects, you need to have a parent consent form signed. This is available on the Facebook group and from Ms. Lee in room 216.

If you are an outside organization looking for responsible youth volunteers, please contact Ms. Lee at or 403-289-9241 ext. 2508.

Yoga - Wellness

You are invited to participate in our Yoga program, offered to both staff and students. The classes are drop-in, so don't worry if you miss a week. The classes are beginner friendly with challenges added for those who have a bit more yoga experience. Please bring something comfortable to wear and a yoga mat. If you don't yet have a mat, there will be some to lend.

Sikh Student Association

The Sikh Student Association of Churchill is a cultural awareness club centering Sikhism. Our mission is to enhance our pluralistic society by raising awareness about Sikhism, as well as tackle the discrimination faced by our community often caused by a lack of knowledge. The SSA is an interactive club working closely with the YYC community. 

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Forest Lawn High School hosted the first-ever high school Esports Tournament - 8 schools competed in the popular game League of Legends, showcasing the excitement of competitive gaming and also highlighting the educational value and benefits it brings to students. #WeAreCBE

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