Financial Management

Securing your financial future through knowledge

Are you good with numbers and/or possibly thinking about making accounting a career after high school? You need to take this course. You will learn the importance of financial planning, and the concepts that affect the finances of an individual, including a code of conduct, the economic environment, acquiring and using financial resources and the effects of government legislation.

What's It All About?

Financial management is required in all aspects of society. In the CTS Financial Management strand, you study the use of financial data to enable you to manage your own financial affairs and those of a small business. The CTS Financial Management strand provides an opportunity for you to explore: 

  • ethics in personal and business financial management 
  • the application and analysis of financial information • communicating • researching/organizing • decision making/ problem solving 
  • how to use information and technology effectively 
  • team-playing 
  • managing
  • planning

Where Can This Take Me?

The CTS Financial Management strand offers you an opportunity to learn about the development and use of financial information, and to profitably apply this information to your personal and business life. The field of financial management offers many occupational opportunities. These include: 

  • accountants 
  • banking, credit and investment managers 
  • economic development officers 
  • economists
  • financial and investment analysts
  • financial planners 
  • insurance agents and brokers 
  • insurance adjusters and claims examiners 
  • investment advisors 
  • marketing researchers and consultants 
  • real estate agents and salespersons 
  • supervisors, finance and insurance clerks 

Post-secondary education! 

Many businesses welcome people who are prepared to extend their training in one of the post-secondary programs in the financial management related area. In Alberta, numerous public and private colleges and all universities offer education options in this field. See your counsellor for more information. 

What Else Do I Need to Know? 

CTS Financial Management courses strongly support what you learn in: 

  • English Language Arts 
  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies 
  • CTS Information Processing 
  • CTS Management and Marketing 
  • CTS Legal Studies


Financial Management 10 - 3 credits

The introductory level course will give students some experience in the mechanics of the accounting cycle. They will be introduced to the step-by-step preparation of simple sets of accounting records in a service business. This includes the preparation of journals, ledgers, and simple financial statements. This course will assist students if they take accounting in post-secondary institutions.

Financial Management 20 - 3 credits

Prerequisite: Financial Management 10
Students will be introduced to a step-by-step preparation of accounting records for a merchandising business. This includes the preparation of journals, ledgers, and simple financial statements. Incorporated through the course will be the opportunity to learn and use computer software to discover how this software may be used effectively to assist in the creation of accounting records.

Financial Management 30 - 3 credits

Prerequisite: Financial Management 20
Financial Management 30 allows students to take prior accounting knowledge and apply those skills in real world situations. Through the use of an investing competition as well as many other real world examples we will learn how to read and analyze the financial health of a business and prescribe ways in which to improve that health. We will also learn how determine which businesses are good investments and which are not. Come and make millions in Financial Management 30!

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