English Language Learners (ELL)

Success in high school courses, particularly those with demanding language requirements such as English and Social Studies, requires a solid investment in English language development. Our ELL program helps students gain the language competence necessary for them to achieve the success required for post-secondary study.

If students are not sufficiently fluent in English to meet the academic challenges of high school courses, their English language proficiency will be assessed and they will be directed to the appropriate ELL classes to improve their speaking, listening, reading and writing.

At Sir Winston Churchill, to help promote English fluency, we focus on the four strands of language acquisition which are: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Student placement and movement within the ELL classes is determined by the Alberta ELL Proficiency Benchmarks.

In the ELL program, we center on the needs of the individual student, and provide programs accordingly.  Some students move through the ELL courses and program very quickly, while others take more time.  Each student is unique and will progress at different rates.  Using the Alberta ELL Proficiency Benchmarks, teachers in the ELL program assess and evaluate student progress throughout the semester. 


ELL Introduction (Levels 1 & 2) - 5 credits

This is a beginner level class offered for our level 1 and 2 students. In this class, students focus on reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary as well as learning some basic communication skills. Students enrolled in this class will be working towards completing Alberta ELL Proficiency Benchmarks 1 and 2.

ELL Introduction to Canadian Studies - 5 credits

This is a Social Studies course designed for students who are new to Canada. The course teaches Canadian social issues, geography, history, politics and culture. Students work on their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills while learning about Canada. This class is for students who are working on completing Alberta ELL Proficiency Benchmarks 1 and 2.

ELL Intermediate (Level 3 - 4) - 5 credits

This is a low-intermediate/intermediate level English class. Students will continue to develop their language skills. There is a strong emphasis on improving writing skills, vocabulary-building and grammar, and an introduction to literature study. This class is for students who are completing Alberta ELL Proficiency Benchmark 3 or 4.

ELL Science Process and Vocabulary - 5 credits

This sheltered science course helps students build the vocabulary, knowledge and process skills required for further science courses. Students learn how to write lab reports and develop investigative and reading skills necessary for science. This class is for students who are working on completing Alberta ELL Proficiency Benchmark 3. Students who successfully complete this course and have their teacher's recommendation progress to Science 10.

ELA 10-2 Competencies (Level 4 - 5) - 5 credits

This is an academically geared course designed as a bridge to the English 10-1. There will be an emphasis on building critical analytical reading and writing skills with focused practice on the correct usage of language, including grammar, sentence structure and diction.

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