Get in on the Act: Churchill Drama, Musical Theatre and Technical Theatre

Drama really consists of three very different but incredibly symbiotic areas: Drama, Musical Theatre and Technical Theatre.

Those interested in Drama are those passionate and dedicated characters with a keen interest in exploring human nature. You delight in using your imagination and taking on new roles. You work well with others and love to “play the part”.

Sing, dance and act in High School Musical.... Theatre! The Musical Theatre program is designed for students who wish to explore their talents in the disciplines of singing, dancing and acting.

The class provides an interactive environment in which students can develop and refine their performance skills in all three areas. Students have the opportunity to participate in full class musical numbers and also to collaborate with their peers and create small group musical numbers based on their own choreography and vocal work. There is a performance at the end of each semester which showcases select numbers from the course.

Musical Theatre is the class for you if:

  • you love to sing and dance
  • you want to improve your performing skills
  • you aren't afraid to take risks on stage
  • you possess leadership skills
  • you enjoy group work and are encouraging of your peers
  • you are interested in performing musicals from a variety of time periods

Technical Theatre is for you if:

You might be suited to Technical Theatre if you have appreciation for the backstage adventures of theatre and would like to breathe life into the worlds we create. You are interested in exploring more about lighting, sound, costumes, set design and props.


Drama 10 - 5 credits

Students develop the skills of communication, collaboration and presentation through the dramatic arts. Drama 10 develops both physical and verbal communication while strengthening confidence in self and trust in others. Students will also learn to appreciate drama both as a way of learning and knowing, and as an art form.

Drama 20 - 5 credits

Prerequisite: Drama 10
Drama 20 continues to build communication skills through an understanding of behavior and motivation. Through the study of Scripted Acting and Playwriting students develop the skills of listening and communicating in a more empathetic way. Students in Drama 20 also develop their critical thinking skills as they critically asses their work and the work of others.

Drama 30 - 5 credits

Prerequisite: Drama 20
Drama 30 teaches students the skills and attitudes necessary to make strong, detailed, and creative decisions on their own. Students study Directing and Collective Creation as a way to develop leadership skills. Students apply their learning in several big projects that prepare them for University level studies in any subject area.

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre 15 - 5 credits

Musical Theatre is designed for students who wish to explore their talents in the disciplines of acting, dancing and singing with a strong emphasis on rehearsal techniques and theatre etiquette. Students will be introduced to a variety of musical styles from the 1920's to current Broadway hits.

Musical Theatre 25 - 5 credits

Prerequisite: Musical Theatre 15
In the second year of musical theatre, students will continue developing and refining their acting, dancing and singing skills. They will continue working with professionals, and will also begin to develop their own style. Directing skills are started, and students will be expected to perform small projects that are self-initiated.

Musical Theatre 35 - 5 credits

Prerequisite: Musical Theatre 25
In the final year of musical theatre students will develop and direct their own projects that will be presented to the school. In addition, resume and audition workshops will be explored. Students will be expected to perform in school productions as well as to continue to develop their singing, dancing, and acting skills.

Technical Theatre

Technical Theatre 15 - 3 credits

In this course students will work with set design, set construction, lighting, costume, stage management, etc. When possible, they will work with the current school production.

Technical Theatre 25 - 3 credits

Prerequisite: Technical Theatre 15
Technical students at this level will be expected to work on two more areas in technical theatre, and to control a real project for the school play or some other production.

Technical Theatre 35 - 3 credits

Prerequisite: Technical Theatre 25
Students at this level are expected to take a leadership role in a production.

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