Visual Arts


If you have a creative side and enjoy learning in a hands-on, social environment...complete with music in the background...join us in the art room! If great artists of the past and present have done it, we will cover it. Come and exercise the right side of your brain!

Art 10 - 5 credits

This is a fun and challenging introductory course which gives students the opportunity to explore and develop skills in drawing, colour and design, painting, photography, ceramics and sculpture. The program also introduces students to the cultural importance of art through the study of significant artists. Junior high art is not a prerequisite; however students must have an interest in art and a good work ethic.

Art 20 - 5 credits

Prerequisite: Art 10
This is an intermediate course where students will continue to build their skills and confidence. Students will be challenged to explore a wider range of media in drawing, painting and sculpture. There is also an emphasis on the concept of style. Realism, abstraction, expressionism and pop art will be discussed.

Art 30 - 5 credits

Prerequisite: Art 20
This is the final course in studio art. Students will now have the skills and confidence to explore a number of individually developed projects. Students will further develop their skills and apply them towards the creation of original, personal statements in drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, printmaking and mixed media. All students in this course will exhibit their work in our Grad Art Show at the end of each semester.

The completion of this challenging program empowers students to visually express themselves with confidence. This program also enables serious art students to create competitive portfolios for application to post-secondary programs in art, graphic design, interior design and architecture.

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