Note: If students have previous experience with German, please make an appointment with the German teacher at the beginning of the school year before classes commence to determine which class is most appropriate.

German 10 Language and Culture – 5 Credits

This beginner course introduces all four components of language learning: speaking, writing, listening, and reading.  Students will acquire an introductory knowledge of the culture and history of Germany and certain facets of everyday German life will be experienced to some degree.  Students will gain a critical awareness of how the German speaking world has influenced the sciences, inventions and history.

German 20 Language and Culture – 5 Credits

Prerequisite: German 10
German 20 follows German 10 with a more in-depth study in oral German, grammar structures and reading. Students will gain a critical awareness of how the German speaking world has influenced the sciences, inventions, and history. More emphasis is placed on writing and the modern culture of German speaking countries with emphasis on practical, everyday vocabulary and structures.

Successful completion of this course will make students eligible to participate in a three month exchange trip to Germany during the Grade 11 year.

German 30 Language and Culture – 5 Credits

Prerequisite: German 20
German 30 further refines linguistic skills and adds to the cultural understanding and appreciation of the German way of life. Students will be able to express themselves more freely in a variety of settings.

Take part in the 3-month German Exchange Program!

German IB

See the International Baccalaureate (IB) Courses page for German IB course information.


German - Brochure

Check out this brochure about the German program at Churchill - found in the Resources section. 

German - Make the Connection 

Knowledge of German will increase your options. When you learn German you acquire a range of skills which can improve the quality of both your work and private life.  Check out  the article on how to Make the Connection!  - Found in the Resources section. 

Student Testimonials 

See what other students say about our German program at Churchill - Found in the Resources section. 

German Exchange Program 

This program provides students with the opportunity to improve their second language skills through linguistic and cultural immersion. Participants in this exchange alternate between hosting a partner from another culture in their home and school, and traveling to live with their partner and study at their partner’s school in Germany. Students who have successfully completed German 20 are eligible to apply for a 3-month exchange to Germany. The application process takes time, so that students usually apply in their Grade 10 year and are able to participate in the exchange during their Grade 11 year. For more information visit the following website: Exchange Program Information Link

What Universities Say about studying German 

The University of Berlin, Yale University, university of Arizona, Darthmouth University and Boston University - all have great articles on why students should learn German.  Found in the Resources section. 

Videos - Why Learn German 

Check out these great resources:

Why learn German?  Warum Deutsch? -  Warum Deutsch? Link

Why consider taking a 3 or 6 yr. Language & Culture program? - Language and Culture Program? Link

Is there a career advantage when you know a second language?  - Career Advantage Link

What opportunities exist for students: travel, scholarships, international study, exchanges, etc.? -Opportunities Link

Just add German! - Just Add German Link

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