Chemistry 20 - 5 credits *

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Science 10
Recommendations for Success: 60% in Science 10 and 60% in the Chemistry unit of Science 10. Students with success in the Chemistry unit of Science 10 will have a better chance to master the concepts in Chemistry 20. Greater than 60% in Math 10 Common is recommended.

Chemistry is the study of matter and its changes. In Chemistry 20 the different states of matter are investigated and the types of attractive forces between particles are discussed. Solutions such as acids and bases are introduced. Mathematical relationships between species in a reaction are investigated. Chemical reactions, algebraic problem solving, skills in tabling data and graphing, and writing are used constantly. Strong math and communication skills are expected. Skills (from Science 10) in naming chemicals, writing formulas, and balancing reactions, are expected at the beginning of this course. An in-class individual final lab exam is planned near the end of this course.

Chemistry 30 - 5 credits

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Chemistry 20
Recommendation for Success: 60% in Chemistry 20. Successful completion of Math 20-1 is recommended.
Chemistry 30 requires mastery of some topics taken in Chemistry 20 and extends these topics in the study of introductory organic chemistry, energy changes in chemical reactions, acid-base chemistry, reaction rates and equilibrium concepts, and a detailed study of oxidation-reduction reactions. Algebraic problem solving and skills in tabling, graphing data and in writing are used constantly. Strong math and communication skills are necessary. A diploma exam is written upon completion of this course.

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