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Post-Secondary Schools Visits

Please read through Grade 12 & Beyond booklet in the Resources section on the right bottom side of this page.  

Planning for Post-Secondary

What Grade 12 classes are universities considering?

All universities are going to look at 5 Grade 12 subjects.

For most univeristy programs they will first look at the following classes:

  1. Eng 30-1
  2. _____ (often Math 30-1 or Math 30-2)
  3. _____
  4. _____
  5. _____

2, 3, 4, 5 change depending on your program!


3. Math 31
4. Physics 30
5. Chem 30
3. Academic
4. Academic
5. Academic or 30-level complementary class
3. Science
4. Science
5. Next highest academic or complentary class
2. Academic
3. Academic
4. Academic
5. Academic or complementary class


If going into Medicine/Health Sciences - need Bio and Chem. Second Languages are considered an academic not an option/complementary class (only one can be used).

UBC or Ontario often want 5 academics - you are responsible for researching what will be accepted for the program you are applying for. Some specific complementary classes may be accepted.

Many Universities outside of the province of Alberta will not consider Grade 12 complementary courses for admission. It is the student responsibility to understand which schools they are applying to will accept these courses.


myBlueprint is a fantastic resource to support you in your post-secondary research. You can access myBlueprint from your cell phones and tablets as well.

Please visit our Career Centre page for key features and details.

Attending Post Secondary Institutions

You will find that if you are looking at making an application for admission to a post secondary institute in Canada, you will most likely begin the actual process sometime after the first of November of your Grade 12 year (for most institutes). Applications are normally completed on line from the institution’s website.

Apply Alberta will help you to apply to all of the Alberta Schools you would like to apply to. You will enter the requested information and it will be sent on to the Alberta school you are applying to.

If you are considering an institute in Ontario, their process is somewhat different. For Ontario institutions, you submit a general application to a common website which is A post secondary bulletin board can be found near the entrance to Student Services.

Steps For Applying To Post Secondary Institutions

This is the general process for illustration only. Dates and process will vary with each institution.

1. Submit an application

  • Usually online after November 1, but before the deadline.
  • Indicate the faculty and program you wish to pursue.
  • Some institutions will let you indicate your first and second choice.
  • You can submit applications to several institutions.
  • An application fee between $75 and $100 per institute.
  • Marks maybe required, some are self-reported only; some will need verification with an interim transcript.
  • You should receive some acknowledgement and receipt of your application.
  • Read this acknowledgement carefully as it will tell you what to do next.

2. Submit application if you wish to live in residence. Do this early before official acceptance is received.

3. Submit separate application for Entrance Scholarships (if you think you’re eligible). A few institutions have automatic consideration, but most require an application done after you apply for admission.

4. Submit an interim transcript if needed after you have final marks from first semester and mid-term marks from second semester (usually the middle of March).
5. After receipt of conditional admission, choose and register for classes. You may be required to pay a fee to hold your spot.
6. Request a final, official transcript to be sent from Alberta Learning to the post secondary institute before the deadline which is usually August 1.

American Universities

Students interested in attending institutions in the United States were invited to attend an information meeting in May of their Grade 11 year. Students were provided with guidelines for the process of applying to American institutions. See your school counsellor for information if you missed this meeting.

Timeline and deadlines you need to follow when working with Churchill counsellors concerning American applications during your Grade 12 year.

September to November

This is when you should be submitting your application for admission to the institutes you are prepared to go to.
Prepared to go to means:

  • if you are accepted at that school
  • It is the program you want?
  • Do you have your families support?
  • Is your family able to financially meet the requirement to attend that institute?

First 2 weeks of October

These are the weeks you must provide your counsellor at Churchill with the School Report and International Supplement. These are the only weeks that the counsellors will complete and send these reports.

Last week of February

This is the week that you provide your counsellor at Churchill with the Mid Year Report (if required). Mid year transcripts that indicate your final marks from first semester will be included by your counsellor. If a school does not require a Mid Year Report then you must still request this transcript to be sent. This is the only week that the counsellors will complete and send these reports.

Funding For Post-Secondary

Scholarships: Free money earned for post-secondary by achieving good marks and / or extracurricular citizenship or leadership. These can be offered by private sponsors, employers, government, or post-secondary institutes. Sometimes an essay or project is also required.

Our D2L shell for Scholarships is active. Please visit Please see Ms. Hancsicsak with any questions you have in my office in the library. You can also email me at:
There will be a meeting in October for Scholarships, hosted by Mrs. Hancsicsak.
Post Secondary Worksheet
My First Realistic Program Choice Is:
Program ______________________________________
Institution ______________________________________
Grade 12 subjects required for admission;
1. ____________________________________
2. ____________________________________
3. ____________________________________
4. ____________________________________
5. ____________________________________
Competitive average required for this program ________ %
My Second Realistic Program Choice Is:
Program ______________________________________
Institution ______________________________________
Grade 12 subjects required for admission;
1. ____________________________________
2. ____________________________________
3. ____________________________________
4. ____________________________________
5. ____________________________________
Competitive average required for this program ________ %

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