School Access and Sign-In

The main front door of the school, by the main office, is open:

Monday - Thursday:  8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Friday:  8:00 AM - 3:30 PM

All other doors remain locked during the day so we can monitor who enters our building. 

Anyone visiting the school, including parents/guardians, is required to check-in and sign-in at the main office. Parents/guardians wishing to volunteer or visit their child's classroom should make arrangements in advance with the teacher. 

Supervision & Safe Meeting Places

Supervision is provided in the area behind the school between 8:10 – 8:25 AM and 12:30 – 12:40 PM. Please do not drop-off children prior to 8:10 AM, as there will be no supervision. There is no after school supervision. Please set up a safe place to meet your children after school. Please contact the school if you are running late, before dismissal time, to help ensure their safety.

Dropping-Off Items

If parents/guardians want to drop a lunch or book to their child during the school day, we will call the child to the office or simply deliver it to the classroom at an appropriate time to best respect instructional time for students. 

Court Orders & Documentation

If you have legal custody of your child, please make sure that the school has the appropriate and most up to date documentation on file. The purpose is so the school can clearly identify who has legal custody of a child and what parameters or boundaries are in place for the school to be aware of, respect and follow. We are neutral in all custody affairs and the safety of students always comes first

Fire Drills

CBE and Occupational Health regulations require that schools have a minimum of 6 fire drills each school year. The drills must occur at different times and in all types of weather. It is important that your child wear shoes at all times as we are required to exit the building immediately. The goal is to be ready to respond to any situation and to help build a feeling of safety and security with our practice and preparation.

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All CBE schools are required to practice lockdowns in the same way that we practice fire drills. The procedures for lockdowns are developed with the Calgary Police Service and are part of each school’s Emergency Response Plan. If you have questions about lockdown drills or lockdown procedures, please contact your principal.

Evacuation Procedures

In the event that the school needs to be evacuated for any reason, all staff have been trained according to CBE standards. All schools have a primary and a secondary evacuation site. In the event of an evacuation, you will receive an email, phone or SMS notification from the school via SchoolMessenger.


At the Jan. 26 regular board meeting, the Board of Trustees voted to approve the closure of the Marlborough Discovering Choices II program effective June 30, 2021 for the purpose of relocation. #yycbe

At the Jan. 26 regular board meeting, the Board of Trustees voted to approve the closure of Rosscarrock School effective June 30, 2021. #yycbe

Today’s Board of Trustees public meeting will be held virtually starting at noon. Trustees will be considering the closure of Rosscarrock & Discovering Choices-Marlborough (for the purpose of relocation) We invite you to stream the meeting online #yycbe

RT @AlbertaUArts: The deadline for High School students to showcase their art work in the 2021 AUArts ShowOff! art competition & virtual exhibition is this weekend, January 31. Win fabulous prizes including a scholarship. Details here: #auarts #yycnow #yycbe #calgaryarts

RT @UsihChristopher: On #InternationalDayOfEducation 2021 we salute all educators & education workers who, through thought and action, create better futures for the next generation. We see you. Public education serves the common good. Thank you!