​​​Our CBE Student Code of Conduct and CBE Progressive Student Discipline regulation apply to all of our students. They outline the roles and expectations for our students to promote positive and inclusive learning environments, help students to develop empathy and become good citizens both within and outside of the school community, and explain the consequences when a student’s disruptive behaviour negatively affects the learning environment.

Our CBE Employee Code of Conduct applies to all of our employees. The CBE maintains high standards for the conduct of its employees, and expects them to conduct themselves honestly and with integrity and exercise common sense, good judgement and discretion.​​​​

Code of Conduct


In addition to the other guidelines for our students and school community throughout our website, please be aware of the following "Be Somerset Strong" abilities students will be supported in demonstrating:

1) the SPIRIT _  show kindness and generosity and demonstrate: How we know we are good.

  • always assume good intent
  • forgive the mistakes of others
  • be kind, compassionate, helpful and courteous to others
  • respect self, others and the environment(s) we are in

2) the HEART _  show belonging and demonstrate How important each of us are.

  • always include others 
  • show up as you are
  • be friendly
  • be cooperative

3) the BODY _ show perseverance during times times which challenge us either academically and socially.  

  • us emotional vocabulary when problem solving
    • "I <feeling word> when <describe situation> ..."
  • be self-aware
  • exercise self-control
  • show patience
  • take responsibility for ourselves and our actions

4) the MIND _ show curiosity and mastery and demonstrate What we are capable of.

Ensuring a Safe and Caring Environment

Somerset School, guided by the CBE Administrative Regulations, is committed to the development and maintenance of a safe and caring learning environment for all students, staff, volunteers and guests. The board will support action taken by our school to establish and maintain a safe and caring learning environment consistent with this commitment to learning and the system code of conduct. 

Parent and guardian support and cooperation in working with the school and student behavioral issues is critical in maintaining a learning environment necessary for the success and safety of all of our students, staff, volunteers and guests. See more on our Behaviour page.

Damage to Equipment, Materials or School Property

Students and their parents/guardians are responsible to pay for lost or damaged textbooks, library books, equipment, window breakage, etc. to help with the replacement of such items. We will look at this on a case by case basis taking into consideration individual family needs and circumstances. Thank you for encouraging responsible care of all materials, property and equipment.

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