Acceptable Student Behaviour includes but is not limited to:

  1. Demonstrating respect for self, others and the school 
  2. Modeling positive social behaviours in all interpersonal interactions, including online 
  3. Being courteous and treating each other with dignity 
  4. Using positive, growth minded and inclusive language 
  5. Demonstrating good digital citizenship by using technology in ethical and responsible ways 
  6. Taking responsibility for personal belongings and respecting the belongings of others 
  7. Demonstrating caring and compassion to others 

Under the Alberta School Act, students are responsible for:

  1. Being diligent in the pursuit of their studies. 
  2. Attending school regularly and punctually 
  3. Cooperating with everyone authorized by the CBE to provide education and services in the school 
  4. Complying with the rules of the school 
  5. Accounting to their teacher (s) for their conduct

Students are encouraged to resolve issues that may occur by making use of the proactive, preventative and restorative strategies learned during character development time. The ultimate goal is to have students who are self-disciplined and reflective about their behaviours and their actions. 

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