Dress Code

When students are considering what to wear to school we ask that you consider the cleanliness, neatness and appropriateness for learning activities. In particular we ask for appropriate clothing that is suitable for indoor wear, outdoor wear, suitable footwear, and phys. ed. gym strip if required.  

Physical Education 

Students are required to wear suitable, stable running shoes when participating in PE class.  

AJA students are required to change for PE. (see uniform requirements below). Stanley Jones students are not required to change.  

Alice Jamieson Girls' Academy 

Please visit our Merchandise page to learn more about Alice Jamieson School Uniforms. 

Formal Dress (special events, assemblies, field trips) 

Informal Dress (all other days, including Fridays) 

  • Choice of long-sleeved or short-sleeved white collared shirt with AJA logo  
  • Choice of long-sleeved or short-sleeved white collared shirt with AJA logo   
  • Choice of school kilt or navy dress pants    
  • Choice of school kilt, grey skirt, navy skort, navy dress pants   
  • Blue cardigan with AJA logo  
  • Choice of sweater item with AJA logo – blue cardigan, blue zippered jacket, maroon sweater  
  • navy knee high socks or navy tights   
  • navy knee high socks or navy tights  
  • black dress shoe 
  • black dress shoe   


Physical Education Class 

  • navy blue sweat pants with AJA logo  
  • navy blue t-shirt with AJA logo  
  • running shoes  
  • blue zippered yoga jacket or hoodie with AJA logo (optional) 

Notes about Wearing the Uniform 

All uniform items must be clean and in good repair at all times. 

Alternate Attire 

There are certain days when students in AJA will be able to wear alternate attire. These will be decided and discussed with student input. 

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