Code of Conduct

At Stanley Jones School and Alice Jamieson Girls’ Academy students are expected to behave in welcoming, caring, respectful and safe ways that respect diversity and foster a sense of belonging. This culture of caring is developed through character education programming and special events. During character time we will take a proactive approach to progressive student discipline by teaching and learning about the character traits of: belonging, respect, courage, generosity, perseverance, wisdom, mastery, honesty, love and independence. This character education will foster positive relationships and provide a common whole school approach to student discipline. 

Any student engaging in conduct that does not contribute to a welcoming, caring, respectful and safe environment may be subject to disciplinary actions.  Students have a responsibility to not participate in or tolerate bullying while on school property, participating in school events, traveling to and from school or in any other circumstances that may impact the school environment. Bullying is defined as the repeated and hostile or demeaning behaviour by an individual in the school community where the behaviour is intended to cause harm, fear or distress to one or more other individuals in the school community, including psychological harm or harm to an individual’s reputation. Bullying can take different forms:

  • Physical – pushing, hitting, scratching, pinching, etc. 
  • Verbal – name calling, threats, shouting repeatedly 
  • Social – excluding others on purpose, spreading rumours 
  • Cyber – using digital technology to harass, demean or threaten 
  • Bystander – not taking a positive action to stop or prevent the bullying behaviour

From time to time, students may make poor choices. The consequences assigned will be made on an individual basis. When responding to unacceptable behaviour, the responding staff member will take into account the student’s age, maturity and individual circumstances in accordance with the Progressive Student Discipline Administrative Regulation.  Consequences administered must reflect a progressive approach including interventions, supports and strategies that provide opportunities for students to learn, to make amends and to focus on improving behaviour. 

Consequences may range from, but are not limited to: community service at school, contact with parents, letters of apology, presentations, and suspension. In addition, for any breach of the student code of conduct, students will be required to reflect on their actions and make a plan to repair the relationship that was damaged and to prevent such actions from occurring in the future. Students will be held accountable for their behaviour beyond the hours of school operation when their conduct detrimentally affects the personal safety and well-being of individuals, the learning environment, or the effective operation of the school. Together we all build a welcoming, caring, respectful and safe environment at school.

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​​​Our CBE Student Code of Conduct and CBE Progressive Student Discipline regulation apply to all of our students. They outline the roles and expectations for our students to promote positive and inclusive learning environments, help students to develop empathy and become good citizens both within and outside of the school community, and explain the consequences when a student’s disruptive behaviour negatively affects the learning environment.

Our CBE Employee Code of Conduct applies to all of our employees. The CBE maintains high standards for the conduct of its employees, and expects them to conduct themselves honestly and with integrity and exercise common sense, good judgement and discretion.​​​​

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