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To register a student, please follow the Registration instructions outlined on the CBE website. 

Registration at Calgary Board of Education (CBE) schools is not determined on a first come, first served basis. Registration and admission to schools in CBE is governed by the Education Act and Administrative Regulation 6090 | Child and Student Registration and Admission.

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Dear Parents of 2023-24 Kindergarten Students

Welcome to the Stanley Jones Kindergarten program.

At Stanley Jones School we believe that Kindergarten is the foundation of a great education. Our students come to Stanley Jones from many different backgrounds, speak multiple languages and have diverse learning needs. We provide an environment that is inclusive to all learning styles and is centered on student engagement and personal relationships. Features of our Stanley Jones Kindergarten program include:

  • A student-led learning environment
  • Project and theme based learning
  • Constant rotation of unique play-based learning centers
  • Balanced literacy
  • An emphasis on the development of healthy personal relationships and strong student-teacher relationships
  • A collaborative environment that includes students, teachers, parents, volunteers and CBE professionals
  • A bright, welcoming classroom designed for children’s engagement and independence.


Krista Bartlett, Principal

Welcome to Stanley Jones School Kindergarten Parent Information Package 2023-24

Our Kindergarten classroom is an active, hands-on environment with an open door policy. In Kindergarten your child will learn reading skills, numerical and problem-solving skills, how to express themselves creatively and develop a positive view of themselves and a comfortable relationship with others. The Kindergarten program at Stanley Jones School is an inclusive environment and we believe in every child’s ability to accomplish great things. We look forward to another great year of learning and laughter with your family!

The Kindergarten program statement provides learner expectations in six learning areas that we will concentrate on throughout the year:

  • Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Community and Environmental Awareness
  • Creative and Cultural Expression
  • Physical Skills and Well-Being
  • Personal and Social Responsibility

Morning and Afternoon Class

Our ability to offer both a morning and afternoon class is dependent upon the number of students we have enrolled in the Kindergarten program. Preference for morning or afternoon class will be given on a first come, first served basis at the time of registration. If the necessary numbers are not reached, all students will attend the morning class.

First Day of School 

Please refer to our online calendar for start dates and school hours. 

Kindergarten Hours

The Kindergarten program is a half-day program from Monday through to Friday. The Kindergarten program consists of 475 hours of instructional time. Currently we offer both morning and afternoon classes. The morning hours for kindergarten are 8:00 – 10:50 and the afternoon hours are 11:45 – 2:35. The morning and afternoon classes alternate Fridays, so your child will have every second Friday off. The Friday hours are from 8:00 - 12:10. The students will enter and exit through the east doors of the building. Please see our Contact Us page for school hours.

Arrival and Dismissal

Children should be dropped off and picked up at the east doors (near the kindergarten classroom). At dismissal time the children will be walked outside these doors and dismissed to their caregiver. If a parent or caretaker is late arriving your child will be brought into the office to wait for your arrival. You must buzz the office through the intercom at the west doors to enter the building. Please see Getting to School and  Parking & Drop Off for more information.


It is very important that your child attends school regularly and arrives punctually. If your child will be absent, please phone the school’s attendance line 403-777-6800. This greatly assists our office staff with attendance records and eliminates the need for calling home to determine the student’s whereabouts, which is done for your child’s safety. Students arriving at school late are required to check in at the office to get a late slip. Please see Attendance for more information.

Volunteer Screening

Any parents wishing to volunteer in the school or on field trips at any time must complete a Police Clearance Form. These are available at the office. You must provide 2 pieces of ID and these forms must be completed and processed before you volunteer. (This can take 6-8 weeks). You may complete these forms in June so that you will be cleared to volunteer in September. Please see our Volunteer page for more information.


All communication will be sent home in their school folder. Notices will be sent home frequently with your child, including a monthly calendar specific to Kindergarten events. Some documents will require an answer form to be signed, clipped off and returned. Your prompt attention to these matters will help our program to run smoothly.
Please check your child’s folder every day!


Labeling is a great way to ensure your child’s belongings are returned to them. Our Lost and Found is cleared out twice a year and you would be amazed at how many unclaimed items there are. All of your child’s belongings should be labeled clearly. Please see our Personal Belongings page for more information.


The children should bring a backpack to school with them each day. This is necessary to ensure that all notes, schoolwork, library books and projects are brought home without getting wet, dirty or lost. Your child’s bag should be big enough to hold their school folder (8.5 x 11) and easy enough for them to open and close independently. Please see our Personal Belongings page for more information.

Indoor Shoes

Fire regulations require that children must wear shoes in school at all times. Therefore, please send a labeled pair of running shoes to school. If your child is not able to tie laces, please send shoes with Velcro fasteners or slip-ons as this helps your child to become independent. Please see our Personal Belongings page for more information.


Parents are asked to send a nutritious snack with their child each day. Please label all snack containers and water bottles. In order to avoid allergy related concerns, children do not share their snacks and we request that no nuts or nut products are sent.

Library Books

Kindergarten children sign out one library book each week. Please ensure that they are well cared for and returned before each library day to our library bin, in the classroom. If you misplace a library book please notify me right away so your child does not miss out on library exchange. Please see our Learning Commons/Library page for more information.

School Council Meetings

Kindergarten is an important part of Stanley Jones School; therefore, parents are encouraged to attend School Council meetings. These meetings are held one evening per month. 

Field Trips

Students will participate in field trips throughout the year. At times our AM/PM students will participate in events and or fieldtrips together. Information on the field trips will be sent home at the appropriate time. Some activities will take place in the classroom. The cost of each field trip will be indicated on the notices. Please see our Off-Site Activities page for more information.

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