Program, Focus & Approach

School Programs

Stanley Jones School is home to two programs: a K-6 regular program and the grades 4-9 All Girls  (Alice Jamieson Girls Academy) program.

School Philosophy

An atmosphere of respect, safety, and caring, coupled with high expectations for student conduct, work habits, and performance characterize our school.

Character Education

Character Education is delivered through intentional instructional programming activities that are infused throughout the curriculum each day. These may include the following:

  • attention to the three pillars of respect: for self, others and the environment;
  • character circle to reinforce societal values and provide students with opportunities to discuss issues and problem solve;
  • integrating the health curriculum into character circles; books and stories illustrate character development; physical education reinforces fair play and communal responsibility;
  • recognition and celebration of Citizenship, Personal Development and Character as well as positive student behavior by teachers and the school community;

Each month students study a specific character trait during character time and in their daily classes. Each class along with their teachers are expected to put together a character assembly for the entire school once during the school year.  This is their opportunity to showcase their learning and understanding in a multitude of ways and a means of celebrating students K-9 who have demonstrated exemplary skills in regards to the character trait of the month.  This is also a time our students are celebrated for their GRIT in pursuing success in all areas of school.   

Roots of Empathy

Information to be updated in September.

Homework & Assignments

At times, students will be required to complete assignments and projects at home. Students are also expected to complete all assignments on time and to the best of their ability. When students are absent, it is their responsibility to catch up on the work they missed. Homework assignments are developed by each teacher and may vary throughout the year, between classes and grades. The purpose of homework is to support learning which is ongoing in the classroom environment.  Please talk to your child’s teacher about his/her homework policy. We do not provide homework when your child will be absent from school for an extended period of time.

Students are asked to Grow Their GRIT.

Our school defines GRIT as the willingness to:

G - Give it your all.
R - Redo if necessary.
I - Ignore giving up.
T - Take the time to do it right.

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