Student Showcase

Paintings created by our talented students for auction at the Christmas concert

Winner Multimedia Presentation

Grade Six Pictures

Mr. Mitchell with Guide Dog

Zoo field trip

Grade fours at open mind school

Owl Visit

We were so lucky to have a Saw-Whet Owl visit our school from Beaver-Hill Natural Area. “Ray, the Owl” came with his biologist who taught us all about conservation, flight and small animals which relates to our curriculum. We loved having this special visitor! See our grade two student work!

Grade 6 Math

Grade 6 students are wallpapering the interior of our Geometry Castle (Unit 6: Geometry and Measurement) with 8-bit transformation art (Unit 8: Transformations). Students are translating, reflecting, and rotating 8-bit images on a coordinates grid to show their understanding of the curriculum learning goals.

Grade 6 Poetry Day

Sunalta Choir and Handbells Perform at the Core

Calgary Kids Celebrate "Canada 150" with Mask Magic

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Grade 6 students win Beakerhead Challenge
Second Year in a Row!

The school community will celebrate this incredible work at an assembly Tuesday, Nov. 29.
Jay Ingram, host of Discovery Channel's Daily Planet, presented an award to the students for this innovative work.

Watch the Beakerhead video below that the children created.

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Students Attend WE Day

On Nov. 1, 2017 16 students from Sunalta’s WE Act Club headed down to the Saddledome for WE Day. Our students were inspired by speakers such as George Takei and Spencer West to make a positive difference by being kind to others, and by taking social action locally and globally. Our WE Act members are living what they learned.
WE Act students at WE Day. Changing the world with small acts everyday.

Remembrance Day Assembly

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