Corrective Strategies and Consequences

When responding to student behaviour we consider many factors including the severity of the issue, the consistency of the problem, unique circumstances of the child such as their age and history. We also consider anticipated short and long term effectiveness of applied consequences. We know that depending on the student, rewards / consequences may not be an effective way to respond. Some students lack skills required to behave ‘properly’ due to a number of reasons (Dr. Ross Greene speaks about “Lagging Skills”. We suggest parents visit http://www.livesinthebalance.o... and click on the ‘Parents and Families’ tab for more information). When appropriate consequences may include corrective measures (community service, withdrawal of privileges,...) up to and including suspension or expulsion from school in accordance with the School Act (CBE Administrative Regulation 6007: Suspension & Expulsion).

Informal Talk

As part of our ongoing dialogue with students, school personnel (teacher, support staff, administrator) will talk to the student and try to bring some clarity to the situation and some possible ways of resolving conflict. These discussions may result in a warning regarding possible future consequences that may be incurred for similar types of behaviour.

We record behaviour incidents to help us establish patterns of behaviour, time of year, and consistencies in who is involved. This informs appropriate consequences and supports a consistent, progressive school-wide approach to unacceptable behaviour that includes both intervention and discipline at the classroom, school and system levels.

Formal Documentation - Parent Contact

Unacceptable student behaviours (defined in CBE Administrative Regulation 6005: Student Code of Conduct) may be referred to parents and will be documented. Parents may be contacted by phone or by letter. Generally one of the administrators will work together with a parent and child to bring behaviour in line with expectations. Situations like this can result in short term loss of classroom / playground privileges, restitution (making amends) and/or suspension.

Parent Conference

A formal conference is often held between the student, teacher, and/or administrator and a parent of the student. During this conference, a review is made of the student’s ongoing behaviour and a plan is put in place to correct the behaviour. The student may be referred for support through our School Learning Team (SLT), to the Area behaviour strategist or to an outside agency. (i.e. anger management program, social services). We do not discuss consequences applied to other students who may be involved as this information is privileged (FOIP).

Suspension and Expulsion

CBE AR 6007 allows for the removal of a student from a class or school if the student’s behaviour is judged to be severe enough and/or frequent enough that it seriously interferes with the safety or learning of others. Such suspensions may
be up to 10 days duration. Parents are informed and included in the process. They will receive a letter outlining the background leading up to the suspension and details regarding the reinstatement of a student.

Legal Action

Offences that involve laws being broken could lead to the school or victims laying charges. We believe that students are “practicing for life as an adult”. Expulsion: Under rare circumstances, School Board policy allows for the permanent expulsion of a student from a school upon the agreement of the agent of the board.

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