Dress Code

Sundance School adheres to the CBE Administrative Regulation for Standards of Dress and Grooming

Sundance School does not have a formal dress code.  The guidelines are:

  • Dress guidelines apply equally to all students
  • Students are responsible for their own clothing choices
  • No clothing will contain inappropriate (demeaning, swearing, racist) language
  • Clothing must allow for full functionality while at school, including participation in physical activity

With the changeable Calgary weather it would be beneficial, especially for the younger grades, to have a change of clothing kept in backpacks.

Outdoor/Indoor Footwear

All students are expected to remove their outdoor footwear upon entering the building and to change to appropriate indoor footwear. Winter or rubber boots are advised especially for the younger children. It is preferable that indoor shoes are not flip flops or shoes that come off easily when running, since students will wear their indoor shoes for inside gym classes.

Please label as many items of clothing and footwear as possible as this will help to prevent a build-up of unclaimed articles. Mabel's Labels offer some easy options for personalized labels and, by selecting Sundance School, provides a fundraising opportunity for the school.

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