Personal Belongings

Lost and Found

The school lost and found is located on the rack outside the caretaker’s office next to the gym. Unclaimed items will be dropped off to a charity at the end of each month so we encourage parents to stop in and check it out once a month. We also keep a lost and found in the office for articles such as glasses, valuables and other small items. 

Bicycles, Skateboards, Scooters

Bicycle racks are provided for student use. It is school board policy for students to walk their bikes across the playground or from the street to the nearest bicycle rack. This helps to ensure the safety of children. Each bicycle should have its own lock and be locked in the bicycle rack. Problems arise if students share bike locks, so please ensure your child has a lock. Children should take their helmets into their classrooms. 

Heelies (runners with wheels) are not permitted. In addition, due to lack of storage space in classrooms and numerous safety concerns, we request that students not bring hoverboards, skateboards, rollerblades or scooters to school. Teachers annually review this request with students. We would appreciate your understanding and cooperation with this request as well (Note: This request is in keeping with procedures in place at our neighbouring schools). 

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