Personal Belongings


We request that all children have gym/running shoes that are for indoor use only. This helps keep the floor of the gym clean and in good condition. During winter months these running shoes will also serve as inside shoes. To help us ensure student safety, we ask that each student have running shoes with good treads for daily Physical Education classes. Students without running shoes will be given the choice to sit out or to participate in their bare feet. We ask that everyone (children, teachers and parents) remove all wet footwear when entering the school. Wet floors create unsafe conditions for students, staff and visitors. 


Each student is encouraged to use a backpack. Regular use of a backpack helps to ensure library books, lunch bags and sharing items are protected from the elements and returned to school and home in good condition.  If you are in need of a backpack for your child, please contact the school office.

Bikes, Toys and Electronics

Students must not bring rollerblades, hard balls, violent toys, trading cards (i.e. Pokemon) or expensive electronics not intended for learning to school. “Wheelie” shoes are not permitted on the school grounds or in the school. Children are encouraged to leave all toys at home unless they are requested for a specific purpose as part of the classroom learning.  

If your child has a cell phone, we ask that it is in their backpack turned off.  If a child needs to reach a parent during the school day, school staff will help them call with a landline.  Parents can call the school office if they need to get in touch with their child during the school day.

Bicycles must be stored and locked in the racks provided. Scooters and skateboards can be stored in our school.  Any items that cannot be stored safely will not be allowed on school property. Please label and be cautious about the items students bring to the school. It is upsetting for all of us when things go missing and although we try our best, items are not always recovered. 

Lost and Found

We appreciate your assistance in clearly labeling your child/children’s personal property so that lost items can be returned to your child. The Lost and Found is located in the courtyard.  Items are frequently displayed for students to see.  Parents are welcome to contact their child's teacher to help look for specific items.

At Christmas, Spring Break and in June, unclaimed items are donated to a local charity.  

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