Classes & Departments

  • Kindergarten – Melanie Palmer
  • Grade 1/2 -Kristen Boyer and Erin Cattani
  • Grade 2/3 –Karah Chilton
  • Grade 3/4 – Paul Millar
  • Grade 4/5 - Natalie Richard
  • Grade 5/6 – Cathy Wiederick
  • Principal - Krista Schmitt
  • Administrative Assistant – Pat Summerton
  • Educational Assistant – Mavis Clark
  • Library Assistant / Lunchroom Supervisor – Dana Mckay
  • Lunchroom Supervisor –Heather Beckner
  • Facilities Staff - Wen Liu, Saliem Mehari
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RT @glendalecbe: We can code our own adventures! Students imagining robot tales, through mountains high, volcanoes deep, weddings and bank heists #ozoCops #productivestruggle #resiliencythroughproblemsolving

RT @BishopPinkham: On a eu l’opportunité de se rejoindre avec les écoles @WestgateCBE et @WesternCanadaHS pour célébrer nos propres traditions d’hiver. Merci à Roger Dallaire d’avoir partagé ses histoires avec nous #WeAreCBE @CBELanguages

RT @cranston_school: Strolling down the hallway and what did I see? Watercolour rainbow fish looking at me! 🐠 Great work grade fours! #WeAreCBE

As the days get chillier and the nights get longer, it is a great time to cozy up and connect with a good book or three. The CBE Literacy Team hosted Superintendent Holowka and Superintendent Pitman in a virtual system read aloud event today! #WeAreCBE

RT @ohscbe: Is that @JDfromCJAY reading his new picture book to our #Kindergarten classes? You know it! Thanks JD - we loved the story! Check out the book at where 100% of proceeds go to the #CJAY92KidsFund! @CJAY92 @yyCBEdu #WeAreCBE #ReachNewHeights