Kindergarten Resources

Kindergarten Hours

The program is scheduled Monday to Thursday and EVERY OTHER FRIDAY MORNING (excluding non-instructional Fridays) due to Friday Early Dismissal. A schedule will be provided for alternating Fridays.

See bell time information on our Contact Us page.

Relaxed Entry – Morning Class Only (Tentative)

The Relaxed Entry begins at 8:09 and families are invited to come to school anytime between 8:09 and 8:15. Parents will say goodbye to their children at the bottom of the stairs at the Kindergarten door. Students will enter the school and wait in the hallway sitting against their classroom wall, supervised by a Kindergarten teacher. The school start time is 8:15.

*Afternoon Kindergarten students will enter at the school start time of 12:05.

Friday – Early Dismissals

The time on Friday afternoons is dedicated to Taradale Staff working together in:

  • Professional Learning Communities
  • Staff Meetings
  • System Work
  • Professional Development
  • School Development Planning

During the community engagement process, data was collected which supported the implementation of Friday early dismissals.

Kindergarten School Start Up 2020-21 (To Be determined)

Typically, the Kindergarten year begins with a gradual entry plan:

  • Staggered Entry
  • 30 minutes
  • with parents

Staggered Entry – Independently

  • One Hour
  • Two Hours
  • Three Hours

A detailed schedule will be sent to parents when more information about school start up for the 2020-2021 school year is determined.


Every day your child will have an opportunity to eat a snack. It is recommended that your child’s snack is small and nutritious. A piece of fruit or vegetable and a drink box would be sufficient. Children are asked not to share snacks with peers, due to the possibility of allergies or dietary restrictions. The new Canada Food Guide recommends water as the drink of choice. We recommend providing a water bottle for your child rather than a juice box. Water bottles should be taken home to be cleaned and refilled regularly.


Please send your child in everyday play clothing that will allow your child to be involved in a variety of activities such as painting, block building, and sitting on the floor. In the event that your child needs to change into a clean pair of clothing, we ask that a full change of spare clothing be kept in a separate bag in your child’s backpack.

Back Pack

It is requested that each child wear a backpack to school everyday. The children will be carrying notices, folders, library books, and artwork back and forth to school. Please choose a backpack that is large enough for a large book, but not so large that it is a burden to wear. Inside Shoes Each child will require a pair of clean runners. These runners will stay at the school and will be worn in the gym and in the classroom. Please ensure these are shoes your child can put on independently. If you are sending lace up shoes please teach your child to tie them by themselves. Velcro or slip on shoes  are preferable.

Toys & Birthday Celebrations

Children are asked to leave their toys at home. Toys can be lost or damaged at school, so we ask that they remain at home. Due to dietary restrictions and allergies, please do not send food or candy with your children on their birthday.

Library Book Exchange 

Your child will be participating in a library book exchange. Each week your child will have the opportunity to choose a book to take home and read with you. To ensure that a library book is not damaged in your child’s backpack, we ask that it be placed inside a grocery bag. See more information on our Learning Commons / Library page.


Parents are an integral part of the school community. Please fill out the CBE volunteer forms so that you can participate fully in our daily activities or attend some of our off-site activities. See more information on our Volunteer page.

Report Cards and Parent/Teacher Conferences  

During the year, two formal report cards will be issued and three formal parent/teacher conferences will be scheduled. Specific dates will be communicated in the fall. See more information on our Assessment & Reporting page.

Teachers at the Calgary Board of Education use a screening tool with all kindergarten children. The Early Years Evaluation Teacher Assessment (EYE-TA), developed by KSI Research International (2009) Inc., provides parents, teachers, and schools with accurate and meaningful information on children’s early development skills. The information gathered will help to support a positive transition to school for your child and will help teachers to design instruction and strategies.


If your child is absent for any reason at all, please phone before school begins at 403-777-6270 ext. 1 and leave a message with your child’s first and last name, an explanation of the absence, the teacher’s name, and morning or afternoon class. See more information on our Attendance page.

The Learning Bar

The Learning Bar has created a number of early years literacy resources for educators and families found here: The Learning Bar's At-home Learning Resource Portal. These resources were created by experts in teaching the skills of reading literacy that can truly help each child thrive now and over the summer months through at-home learning.

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