Our Staff

Please consider your child's homeroom teacher as the first point of contact.  

Staff member contact information is listed below (names are linked to email).  

Our office can be reached at 403-777-8800 for inquiries around PowerSchool, Rycor (Fees), and Attendance.

Staff names are listed (both first and last names). In brackets, you'll see what the students call us!

Leslie McRae (Ms. Leslie)Principal
Hannah Fisher (Ms. Hannah)Assistant Principal
Kristan Kramer (Ms. Kristan)Assistant Principal

Support Staff
Amanda Anderson (Ms. Amanda)Administrative Assistant
Sara MooresSecretary & Library Assistant
Puri Carlos (Ms. Carlos)Facility Operator
Michael MagatCustodian
Jaswinder DeolCleaner
Candi Hurlburt (Ms. Candi)Food Services Supervisor
Pamela Rehaume (Ms. Pam)ELL Assistant (LEAD)
Lynn Robbins (Ms. Robbins)ELL Assistant (LEAD)
Mandeep Grewal (Ms. G)ELL Assistant (LEAD)
Diane Gregory (Ms. G)Behaviour Support Worker (The Class)
Deb Hackman (Ms. H)Bridges Support Worker (Bridges)
Hamdi Isa (Ms. I)Educational Assistant
Sonja Bogdanovska (Ms. Sonja)
(on leave)
Educational Assistant
Samarna FaruqiEducational Assistant
Afroja Ahkter (Ms. Afroja)Lunch supervisor
Teaching Staff
Naheed Charania (Mr. Charania)7-9Learning Leader | Student Services
Kirsten Riebot (Ms. Kirsten)7-9Learning Leader | Indigenous Education
Dominika Dunn (Ms. Dominka)7-9Bridges
Abbey Shevchuk (Ms. S)7-9The Class
Stephanie Bell (Ms. Bell)7-9LEAD
Tykara Yip (Ms. Ty)7-9LEAD
Learning Leader | EAL
Jennifer Essex (Jenny)7Humanities
Learning Leader | Grade 7 & Literacy
Owen Wishart (Owen)7Humanities
Manpreet Parmar (Ms. Parmar)7Humanities
Parker Oleniuk Muir (Mr. M)
Gary Lipon (Mr. Lipon)
Tammy Ma (Ms. Ma)7Math/Science
Andrew Cerny (Mr. Cerny)7Math/Science
Ashley Dauter (Ms. Ashley)7Math/Science
Andie Hay8/9Humanities
Learning Leader | Grade 8 & Technology
Atinderpal Toor (Ms. Toor)8Humanities
Elaine Claerhout
(Eli Thys, on leave)
Theresa De Rosier (Ms. Theresa)8Humanities
Abigail Tadigadapa (Ms. Abby)
Dawson Payne (Mr. Payne)8Math/Science
Samuel Kerber (Sam)8Math/Science
Madison Lehti (Ms. Maddy)
Learning Leader | Grade 9 & Mathematics
Harbir Khakh (Mr. K)8/9Math/Science
Gabriela Chinea (Gaby)9Math/Science
Greg Young (Greg)9Math/Science
Lane Gleichman (Mr. G)9Humanities
Kulvir Jabbal (Ms. Jabbal)9Humanities
Andrew Wishart (Andrew)9Humanities
Steve Gummo (Mr. G)7-9PE/Health
Ebony Staines (Ms. Staines)7-9PE/Health
Tim Mang (Mr. Mang)7-9PE/Health
Ashley Meyer (Ms. Ashley)7-9PE/Health
Learning Leader | Athletics

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