​​Learning Commons at the CBE

Today’s learners cannot imagine life without the internet and supporting technology. The concept of the traditional library is changing to include technology, online tools and spaces for collaboration and exploration.​​​

Learning Commons / Library

Our Learning Commons

Sustainability is paramount and purposeful in our plan. We have a strong team of teachers and students who share the learning commons philosophy and have been and will continue to be part of the decision making process. We have to date, in one school year created balanced spaces in our classrooms and break-out areas. Teachers have adopted and implemented regulation and movement tools and strategies to meet individual student needs. Our next logical step is to build out the learning commons, stimulate student curiosity and growth mindset by creating a welcoming space for all of our learners. This will be a space where students feel a sense of belonging and ownership.  

We will further enrich the learning commons with new technologies, manipulatives, design and demonstration spaces. These enhancements directly support the goals in our School Development Plan, through all strategies: numeracy, literacy and a sense of well-being. This rigorous culture of learning coupled with inclusive/balanced spaces will increase intellectual engagement and overall academic achievement. The learning commons is the focal point of the school and celebrates and acknowledges the culture of all of the students in our community. This is a place for students to seek extra supports, to engage in activities with peers during class and independent time, to expand their love of literature and reading. Students will explore science and math concepts through tinkering in maker spaces, design thinking and innovative Science Technology Engineering and Math challenge.

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