Our Staff


Name & EmailPosition
Tiffany Austin Principal
Delaine CraigActing Assistant Principal

Teaching Staff

Math/ Science 7

Name & Email
Subject / Grade
Abby MetzgerALP
Bonnie Trafford
Sue Cook
William IrwinBand/CTF
John VlielanderConstruction
Jenna HillCTF/Foods
Jennifer ArkoFrench
 Stacey LaddHealth/CTF
Crystal RoefsHealth/CTF
Amy CoghlanHumanities 7;Learning Leader
Rachel JayHumanities 7
Ashley McIntyre
Math/Science 7
Anny PeplinskiHumanities 7 and 8;Acting Learning Leader
Emily NagyMath/Science 7 and 8
Monique de RuygHumanities 8
Aleya BosselleMath/Science 8
VacantMath/Science 8; Learning Leader
Kaitlin Sproxton
Humanities 9/CTF; Learning Leader
Laura Hall
Humanities 9      
Gino Fernandes
Math/Science 9

Haley Robertson

Math/Science 9
Chelsea Misskey
Physical Education
Josh Stanley
Physical Education
Christine Donahue
Physical Education      
Devina ShahStudent Services; Learning Leader
Gloria Johnson
Library Assistant
Buthainah Alazzam
Ed Assistant – Special Ed
Adele Bergen
Ed Assistant – Special Ed
Jill Jones
Ed Assistant – Special Ed
Sheryl Rawlings
Ed Assistant – Special Ed
Mary Halasz
Ed Assistant – Special Ed
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