Dress Code

The Calgary Board of Education states that students should follow standards of dress and grooming as set by the principal and staff. Dress and grooming should reflect the school’s purpose as a place of learning and a place of work. School administration is given the authority to require any student who is considered to be inappropriately dressed for school to change into something appropriate for school, or to return home and change before being admitted to class.

The following rules apply:

  • All pants, shorts, and tops must ensure that underwear, as well as the trunk of the body, is not visible.
  • Shorts and skirts must be an appropriate length.
  • Outdoor jackets are not to be worn during the school day.
  • Hoods are not to be worn inside the school.
  • Footwear must be suitable (close-toed shoes are required in PE, and in shop areas).
  • Hair is groomed such that it does not represent a hazard in PE and in shop areas.
  • Special protective clothing must be worn as required (safety glasses, aprons, ear protection).
  • Hats and hoods need to be removed as students enter the building. Hats are to be left in the student locker. Hoods on hoodies are not to be worn inside the school.
  • Clothing that display offensive language or images (alcohol, drugs, gangs, violence, sexual innuendo, weapons, racial discriminations, or symbols of hate) are not acceptable.
  • Bandanas/ do-rags are not to be worn.
  • Pants should not be “low riders,” or pulled down below the waist.

Physical Education

All students have physical education classes daily. Students are required to change into an appropriate shirt, shorts or sweat pants and must have proper running shoes for these classes. The school has a gym strip available for purchase. The school has gym strip available to borrow if needed. Digital devices are not permitted in the change rooms.

Traditional Learning Centre

Student in TLC are required to dress in uniforms or appropriate dress for the activities of the school at all times. Mondays and assembly days are considered formal days and students are expected to wear a full uniform. During the remainder of the week they may choose between a vest or the cardigan, a kilt or navy pants. Students are not expected to wear ties on informal days. No sweat pants, jeans or yoga pants. Shirts are to be tucked in at all times. In the warmer months a white golf shirt is an appropriate alternative. Please label ALL clothing with your child’s full name, as it is extremely hard to distinguish one kilt, shirt or cardigan from another. It is important to note that, Thomas B Riley Hoodies cannot be wore in replacement of your TLC uniform.

Student Uniform Requirements

  • School uniform colour:
    Middle/Junior – navy (TLC cardigan & vest)
    All students wear the TLC plaid. Either the plaid tie or kilt must be worn on formal days.
  • Formal uniform is required on Mondays as well as on special assembly or occasion days as established by the school, but can be worn every day.
  • Informal uniform may be worn on all other days.
  • All uniform pieces must be clean, tidy, in good repair and fit appropriately.
  • All uniform pieces should be clearly and permanently labelled so that in the event that a piece is found it may be returned to the correct student.

Navy TLC Crested CardiganNavy TLC Crested Cardigan or TLC Crested Vest with Plain White Long or Short Sleeve Collared Shirt OR TLC Crested Golf/Polo Long or Short Sleeve Shirt
Plain White Long or Short Sleeve Collared Shirt (tucked into kilt or pants)TLC Plaid Kilt or Navy Twill Pants or Navy Walking Short/Skort
TLC Plaid Kilt or Navy Twill PantsNavy Tights or Socks
Navy Tights or Socks Non-Scuffing Black Shoes
Non-Scuffing Black Shoes Bicycle Shorts when wearing the Kilt
Bicycle Shorts when wearing the KiltTLC Plaid Tie (optional)
TLC Plaid Tie when wearing Navy Twill PantsTLC Plain Headband (optional)
TLC Plain Headband (optional)


Please ensure that your child has non-marking running shoes for gym, as well as no scuff black, leather, polishable, non-skidding shoes  for inside footwear. TLC Students must have 2 pairs of shoes: one pair of black shoes and one pair of running shoes for Phys. Ed.

Casual Days

On those days when celebrating something special, students will have the option to wear casual clothing. These dates will be announced in advance.

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