Digital Citizenship

What is an Admirable Use Policy?

An admirable use policy positively describes the ways in which we would like to see students and teachers using technology for learning. The use of technology is an important part of learning at Thorncliffe School and all other
CBE schools. By using an electronic device, either school or personal property, students are agreeing to our Admirable Use of Technology Policy, as outlined below:

Do use our network to: 

  • Connect to other students and adults who share your passions and with whom you can learn.
  • Join with your teachers to find experts and other teachers from around the world.
  • Publish your best work in text and multimedia for a CBE-approved audience.
  • Explore your own creativity and passions, to ask questions and seek answers from online sources. 
  • Collaborate with others to change the world in meaningful, positive ways.
  • Meet your learning needs while protecting your own health and wellness.
  • Demonstrate your understanding of learning outcomes in creative and thoughtful ways.
  • Think critically and build information literacy skills.
  • Learn and practice digital citizenship and consider the thoughts and feelings of others.
  • Protect your privacy, safety and freedom of thought. Be responsible for protecting the rights of others as well.
  • Learn respectfully and responsibly. 

The use of technology is an integral part of learning in all CBE schools.  Students are encouraged to use our network and digital learning tools to collaborate with others to contribute to the world in meaningful and positive ways.  By utilizing the school’s computers and/or the network, students agree to the guidelines for digital technology use outlined in this plan.

A wireless network for Internet access using personal electronic devices is also provided at Thorncliffe School. Use of student owned devices at school will be considered on a case by case basis by teachers and administration.

Student Gmail Accounts 

The CBE will continue to use Gmail within the Google Apps for Education infrastructure.  This will provide students with enhanced privacy protection that is not provided by regular public Gmail accounts. It also allows students to connect with their peers and teachers in a safe environment.  Gmail within Google Apps for Education is recognized as being a secure, robust and efficient student email platform.

Students will have access to their files, calendars and collaborative tools to create documents, presentations and sites whenever they have access to the Internet - at any time, from most types of devices.  Please note: All official CBE business emails to parents from the school as well as administrative records, such as IPP’s and other confidential data, will remain on local CBE servers.

Having access to Google Apps for Education requires responsibility on the part of student, teacher, and parent.  Understanding the importance of Digital citizenship and having these conversations with your child will help prepare him/her for safe and successful online collaborations.  For more information on Digital Citizenship, please visit the CBE website.

Gmail accounts will be set up using the student name, school name and email address as assigned by CBE. It is important for parents to know that as with cloud computing applications of any kind, data will not necessarily be stored in Canada. 

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​​​Digital Citizenship at the CBE

Digital citizenship is about using technology and participating in digital environments. It is key to helping our students learn to use available technology responsibly in the classroom and beyond. Our school has a Digital Citizenship Plan that is updated annually, addressing how we work to build a community where we live and work together as digital citizens.

Visit the CBE website to learn more about how we support students to develop online safety skills and be good digital citizens.​​​