Classes & Departments

All Kindergarten to Grade 6 students use classroom blogs for communication. You will be receiving information from your child’s classroom teacher about how to log on to read important messages and homework at a glance. You may also contact teachers via email or telephone the school. You can also follow Thorncliffe School on Twitter. Our Twitter handle is @thorncliffecbe.

For the 2021-2022 school year, teachers at Thorncliffe School will be using Google Classroom to connect with students and post learning within the classroom. If your child is unable to log into Google Classroom please contact your child's teacher.

AdministrationMr. Steed (Principal)
Ms. Duque (Assistant Principal)
Ms. Freda (Administrative Assistant)
Ms. Szeto (Learning Leader)
KindergartenMr. Larson
Ms. Phillips
Ms. Weir
Grade 1/2Ms. Michael
Ms. Amanda
Ms. Lisk
Grade 3/4Ms. Rothe
Mr. Brewer
Grade 4/5Ms. Szeto
Grade 5/6Mr. Sandberg
Ms. Gregory
Room 6Ms. Omanthi
Music and MovementMs. Vuong
Support StaffMs. Anderson-Yap
Ms. Virani
Ms. Wendy
Ms. Shannon
Ms. Earl
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RT @jlrooke22: Today we untied each of our orange ribbons. Many classes stopped for a moment of silence. We remember. Every child matters. @thorncliffecbe #NationalIndigenousPeoplesDay @Indigenous_cbe @CbeArea2

Thorncliffe school commits to the following actions as we move forward in the spirit of reconciliation. #WeAreCBE #indigenous_cbe

RT @jlrooke22: It’s National Indigenous Peoples day. @thorncliffecbe we invite our community to come and see our orange shirts in each of our windows, with words of hope! #everychildmatters #nationalindigenousday #wearecbe @Indigenous_cbe @CbeArea2

niikasinskiniip- Now I know. Wonderful Cree constellation teachings from Wilfred Buck. #mookaaksin2021 #CBEIndigenousEd

To kick off family literacy day, s and t are dropping everything and reading this morning. We are excited to see other activities planned for the day. #CBEliteracy