Our Staff

See our Classes & Departments page for links to our teacher classroom blogs for your child's classes. Please email our staff if you have questions or concerns.

Administration / Main Office 

Name & EmailPosition
Mr. SiakalukPrincipal
Ms. BartlettAssistant Principal
Mrs. RuetherAdministrative Assistant
Mrs. O'ShaughnessySecretary

Teaching Staff

Name & EmailPosition
Ms. AdshadeGrades 8-9 English & Social Studies/CTF
Ms. AmeyGrade 6-7 Math/Science 
Mr. BaconGrades 8-9 Math/Science 
Ms. BretzerGrades 6-9 Physical Education & Wellness
Ms. BroenGrades 7-9 French as a Second Language
Ms. CicoriaGrades 7-8 Math/Science
Ms. DeyGrades 7-8 English & Social Studies
Ms. DickGrades 6-7 English & Social Studies
Mr. DoughertyGrades 7-9 Drama/Film 
Mr. DubrayStudent Services - Learning Leader 
Mrs. FriesenGrades 8-9 Math/Science - Learning Leader
Mr. HartlingGrades 7-9 Construction & Design Studies
Mrs. HaywoodGrades 7-9 Food & Fashion
Ms. HockleyGrades 6-9 English Language Learners
Mr. IngleGrades 8-9 English & Social Studies 
Ms. Irsa
Grades 7-8 Math/Science
Mr. JonesGrades 7-9 Outdoor Education
Mr. KadriGrades 6-9 Physical Education & Wellness
Mr. KuwaharaGrades 6-7 English & Social Studies
Mr. LemonGrades 6-9 Physical Education & Wellness
Mrs. LinGrade 6 Art/Music, Grades 7-8 Physical Education & Wellness
Ms. LloydGrades 6-9 Physical Education & Wellness - Learning Leader
Mrs. McMahonGuidance Counsellor - Learning Leader
Ms. MorhartGrades 7-9 Art 
Ms. NgGrades 8-9 Math/Science - Learning Leader
Ms. Ngo-SaitoGrades 7-8 Math/Science
Mr. B. PaddockComputer Science  - Learning Leader
Ms. L. PaddockGrades 8-9 English & Social Studies 
Ms. RuuskaGrades 6-7 English & Social Studies 
Ms. ScottGrades 7-8 English & Social Studies 
Mrs. SiemensGrades 7-9 Band
Mr. SlechtaGrades 8-9 English & Social Studies - Learning Leader
Mrs. SpriggsGrades 6-7 Math/Science - Learning Leader
Mrs. TamGrades 6-7 Math/Science
Mr. WhyteGrades 8-9 Math/Science
Mr. WoolridgeGrades 6-7 English & Social Studies
Dr. ZiaGrades 6-7 Math/Science

Support Staff

Name              Position                                                                           
Ms. RankinLearning Commons Assistant
Ms. MacEachernELL Assistant
Ms. Belay-Miller
Mrs. Russell 
Mrs. Sharma
Education Assistants

Mrs. Reed
Mrs. Young
Ms. Janzen
Food Services 
Mrs. LuthraLead Lunchroom Supervisor
Ms. Hsueh
Ms. Shakeel
Lunchroom Supervisors

Facility Operators/Cleaners

Name Position                                                   
Mr. SzetoFacility Operator   
Mr. Xu
Ms. Lu
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