​We’re proud of our school and like to share our spirit.

School Spirit

School spirit is a wheel with many spokes! Please explore this page to access the calendar, where you can see what is happening within the walls of Tom Baines on a daily basis.  Our student showcase section is where we share the amazing work & talents of ours students. If you are interested in how we recognize our student achievement, please have a look at the Awards & Recognition attachment.  Here you can also find a link to our online School Newspaper, "The Boa".  The Boa is a student run paper where you can read about what is happening and what students think about it! Please check back often to the school spirit section of our website as it is ever changing and always exciting. 

Awards & Recognition

We believe that positive recognition for students must be an important part of the life of Tom Baines School. This recognition is as diverse as possible, and recognizes all areas of school life, including academic, athletic, and club pursuits, as well as personal involvement, service and citizenship.

Code of the Boa certificates are awarded throughout the year to students who best exemplify the attributes of belonging, mastery, generosity, and independence. Students are nominated by staff members.

Year-End Awards

School Life: Awarded to students who display outstanding performance in a variety of areas, including: core, complementary, volunteer, personal, and extracurricular.

Merit: Awarded to students who have overcome personal obstacles/hardship and achieved success at school, or students who have shown outstanding personal growth.

Leadership: Awarded to students who have displayed outstanding leadership in a variety of activities at the school. This person allows others to reach their potential and has an intentionally positive influence on the lives of others.

Service: Awarded to students who contribute exceptional volunteer services to the school.

Citizenship: Awarded to students who display outstanding attitude, integrity and effort. These award recipients accept differences, work well with others and consider what others have to offer.

Inspiration: Awarded to students who have taken risks. These award recipients are inspirational leaders who are respected by others for going out on a limb.

Rotary: Awarded to students who have shown the greatest improvement over one year or all three years while at Tom Baines School. The improvement can be behavioral, social, academic or a combination of all three.

Subject: In each subject area, teachers award students who have demonstrated outstanding achievement, attitude, effort and participation. Students recognized do not necessarily have to have obtained the highest mark in the subject.

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