Aug 27

Tuscany students created Land Art with Karen Tammingo-Paton after listening to Elder Saa’kokoto’s teachings #WeAreCBE @Indigenous_cbe

RT @blaistech: Our #WeAreCBE @Indigenous_cbe team has put together some amazing Indigenous resources to support students and teachers with the #CBEMinecraft design challenge. Thank you! #MinecraftEdu

RT @CbeArea1: Thank you to Principal Patrick Tomczyk @tuscany_cbe for inviting me to join Saa’kokoto and Tuscany School staff and learning alongside in the Coulee about the importance of listening to stories and feeling the energy from the land. #wearecbe

Learning about ohkakiiyosit from Saa’kokoto and land art from Karen Tamminga-Paton. #tuscanytogether @Indigenous_cbe @yyCBEdu #wearecbe @CbeArea1