Personal Belongings


Each student is encouraged to use a backpack to carry things between home and school. The regular use of a backpack ensures that books, student agendas, homework, and other items are protected from the elements and returned to school and home in good condition.

Indoor/Outdoor Shoes

In order to keep the school clean and safe, children are required to keep a pair of running shoes at school for indoor use only. These shoes must have light colored soles. If students are unable to tie their own shoes they should have slip-ons or Velcro straps.

Cell Phones

Cell phones should be turned off at all times when in the school unless used for instructional purposes. Students' cell phones are to be kept in their backpacks at all times during instructional hours. Absolutely no pictures or videos of students or school activities should be taken using cell phones without teacher direction and approval.

Lost & Found

The school is not able to safeguard valuables brought to school by students. Please encourage your children to keep toys and other personal items at home. For easier identification, please label all articles of clothing, lunch kits, etc. We do have a charity box where all lost or left items will be placed that students and parents can check. The contents of this box will be boxed and donated to the Salvation Army or other charities periodically throughout the year. 

Bicycles, Scooters, Skateboards & “Heelys”

Children may ride their bikes to school. They are to walk their bikes on the school grounds and on the sidewalk in front of the school and should be aware of the rules of bike safety, including the mandatory use of helmets. Locks must be provided for each bike and the students must use the bike racks at the school. The school does not assume responsibility for the security of bikes.

According to school board regulations, skateboards, rollerblades and scooters are prohibited from school board property. Please do not bring these items to school. Bicycles should not be ridden on school grounds at any time.

Personal Electronic Devices

Our school has a Digital Citizenship plan and an Acceptable Use Policy that addresses the appropriate use of electronic devices at school. Students who disregard this policy will have that device confiscated and returned at the end of the day to either the student or his/her parent. 

Games and Toys

For safety reasons students are asked to leave lacrosse sticks, hockey sticks, etc. at home. We encourage all students to leave expensive electronic games and toys at home. A focus on physical activity and cooperative play is encouraged at recess and lunch time. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Games and toys must be kept in student‟s backpack during instructional time and through entry and dismissal times. Games, toys, etc. should not:

  1. Create distractions in class for the owner or other students.
  2. Cause students to miss teacher instruction at entry and dismissal times.
  3. Create or contribute to student disputes for any reason

Should any of these situations occur:

  1. The student will be requested to put the game or toy away.
  2. Should this occur a second time the teacher will collect the item and return it at the end of the day.
  3. The third time a problem occurs with a toy or game, the teacher will collect the item and it will be returned to the parent only and the student will no longer be able to bring it school.
  4. In any situation that creates an issue either in the school or outside on the playground and the staff is unable to determine responsibility for a problem in any situation. The process noted above will be followed as outlined for all students involved.
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