Please remember to call the lunchroom line 403-777-8060 extension 3 to report full time lunch users going home.

Lunch Supervision 

All students who access the program must register and pay the fee. Students bring their own lunches from home. We are unable, in the interest of time and safety, to provide microwave or hot water service. Children are welcome to bring hot food to school in a thermos.

Tuscany School offers a Lunch Supervision Program. Lunchroom supervision will be provided to students.. Please ensure that lunch kits are labeled with full names and that students have appropriate outdoor clothing.

Parents, who have not yet registered their children for the lunch program, please do so during the first week of September. We provide a 4-day program as Fridays are Early Dismissal and PD days. Learn more on our Lunch Supervision page.

Please remember to call the lunchroom line 403-777-8060 extension 3 to report full time lunch users going home.
When signing students out at lunchtime, we ask that you do so by 11:15 AM. We need to know that your child is safe with you. If you have any concerns, please contact the school office.

Student expectations in the lunchroom

  • Treat both students and supervisors with respect and courtesy
  • Bring their own lunch.
  • Wash/sanitize hands.
  • Sit down at their designated spot.
  • Talk quietly.
  • Stay in seats.
  • Listen and follow the requests of the lunchroom supervisors and adult caregiver.
  • “Please and Thank You” will be encouraged and expected.
  • Use appropriate table manners at their desk in the classroom ensuring a pleasant, safe and secure environment for all students and supervisors.
  • Clean up after oneself.

Lunchroom supervisors and teaching staff treat all students with dignity, kindness and respect. In the event students engage in inappropriate behaviors in the lunchroom, students will be given an opportunity to change their behavior. Should the behavior continue parents will be contacted to help support their child in the program.

Fun Lunches

Our fun lunches gives our students an opportunity to eat lunch, socialize with their friends at school and take part in special activities. To sign up for Fun Lunches, visit the Healthy Hunger website. If you have questions, you can reach us via email at

These days would not be possible without our awesome volunteers! If you are able to help on the Fun Lunch day and/or the Treat Day, please sign up on our signup genius sites:

How to Order Fun Lunch 

You can place your orders through the Healthy Hunger website:

**Make sure you complete your order before signing out!**

  • items left in your cart will not show up when the order is sent to the restaurant, after the cut-off date. Your child will not get their  order, if their name does not appear on the order sheet.
  • You can order one event at time, for the whole year or any number of lunches / treats you’d like. 

Walking Children Returning from Lunch at Home

Students who go home for lunch should not return to the school before 12:05 PM. The lunchroom staff provides supervision for those students in the lunch program before this time. Teachers are on supervision duty from 12:05 to 12:20 PM for all children. Returning students must access the school grounds and play on the main playground where supervision is available. Please do not have students line up at 12:05 PM at the south or east doors as there is no direct supervision. Students going home for lunch on inclement weather days may access the building through the main doors on their return.


Learn more about allergies and other health concerns on our Illness & Medical page. 

Lunch Items

Due to the large number of lost lunch packs, containers, water bottles and ice packs, please write the student’s full name on all their lunch items. This will greatly help us in getting those lost lunch packs and belongings back to the right students as quickly as possible.

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