Going Green

Naturalization Area

Our Schoolyard Changes

Tuscany School and its Parent Council are working together to create a naturalized schoolyard that will not only reflect the learning and behavioral goals of our school but also reflect the rich cultural history of our community. This is an extensive project that will be phased over a period of two to three years and will benefit the school and greater Tuscany community.

Schoolyard naturalization is the process in which native plants are used to return the schoolyard back to a more natural state. Only native plants are used, therefore reducing the amount of water, pruning and maintenance of the schoolyard. At the same time, structures and areas can be created using natural materials to create outdoor classrooms and learning areas, as well as creative play spaces. Additionally, research has repeatedly shown that there are tremendous educational, ecological and social benefits to be seen when a school chooses to naturalize.

There are four (4) stages to naturalizing a schoolyard:

Vision - Share the concept, form committee, develop vision and links, obtain approval

Design - Survey schoolyard, create preliminary designs, select the site, create final design

Implementation - Project needs, gather donations, prepare for installations, install the site

Completion - Celebrate the project, evaluate, monitor and utilize the project, nurture the project

The project is currently at the beginning of the Implementation stage as project needs are being assessed and fundraising options are being investigated.

Would You Like to Play an Important Part?

A Naturalization Committee has been formed and still needs members to help carry out a project of this magnitude. People are needed for lead roles and support roles in the committee, support roles and will be needed for the actual building of the schoolyard. If you are interested in voicing your ideas or if you’d like to volunteer to be a part of this project, please email Naturalization@shaw.ca.

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