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"Step Inside" Ss chose an animal, tree, plant, or any gift from Na'a. They considered what would their gift see, observe, or notice; what did they know, understand, hold true, or believe; what they care deeply about, and what questions or wonders do their gift have. #WeAreCBE

What a beautiful day to enjoy the gifts of Na'a in the Coulee. Ss carefully observed and recorded signs of spring and the changes that they have noticed since they visited the Coulee in the fall and winter. #WeAreCBE

Grade 1 students Ss share their promises to Na'a. What will you pledge to do to take care of Mother Earth? #WeAreCBE

Gr 1. students create communities with a variety of materials. #WeAreCBE

In celebrating #EarthDay, Tuscany students enjoyed a trip to our wonderful Coulee looking for signs of spring. #WeAreCBE