​​Regular Program at the CBE

Even though most of our schools offer a regular program, no two are quite the same. All schools teach according to Alberta Education’s mandated curriculum, however a school’s focus, optional courses and school activities are as unique as every school.​​​

Program, Focus & Approach

Homework Guidelines

The CBE makes recommendations about homework in Administrative Regulation 3066: Homework. Assigning homework is up to the individual teacher, but students and parents are encouraged to set aside some regular time each evening for home study or recreational reading.

Learning is an ongoing process. Sometimes students require extra time to complete given tasks or assignments and that can result in homework being assigned. The time spent on homework completion should be commensurate with the complexity of the task and the ability of the child to accomplish the task. Every child is different and therefore the homework one student is required to complete may look different than that of another student.

Educational research suggests that daily reading and writing in authentic tasks helps to increase academic achievement. Students in grades 1-4 should be reading and writing each day as part of their homework assignment.

Extended Absence Homework

Throughout the school year, there may be times when parents need to take their children out of school for extended periods of time. As opposed to having teachers create homework for the student, where learning will be out of context while the student is away from the classroom, parents are encouraged to have students:

  • Read every day and keep a log of their reading
  • Write each day (lists, directions, letters, postcards etc.)
  • Practice math facts in a variety of fun ways
  • Create a photo journal of their trip that would include facts and information about the location of your trip but also some history and unique traditions of the region you are visiting. This can be organized into a journal shared with the class on the return of your child.

Should you have any questions about the homework your child is doing, please contact your child’s teacher. 

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RT @UsihChristopher: I know parents are feeling anxious about sending their children to school. Please know we continue to adhere to health and safety protocols in our schools. Refer to our website for additional info. Working together,we are able to continue learning while prioritizing health&safety

The COVID-19 Alberta Health Daily Checklist has been updated. Please complete the checklist prior to coming to school to help us keep our school community safe and healthy. https://t.co/ygWyU55ofW

RT @UsihChristopher: For answers to your questions, here is up-to-date information for families and students. The CBE webpage contains general information and health measures. It is subject to change as the COVID-19 situation evolves, and more information becomes available. https://t.co/cuhEGj6yWl

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