​​Advisory for Cold Weather

During the winter months cold temperatures, wind chill and snow can make getting to and from school challenging.

Our school and other CBE schools rarely close due to snow or cold weather. Assume we are open unless you hear otherwise from us. Information regarding any school closures due to weather will also be posted on the CBE website, on Twitter (@yyCBEdu) and shared with local news media.

During the winter season we remind parents/guardians of the following:

  • Children should be well prepared for the weather and not left unattended at bus stops for any period of time, under any circumstances

  • Families should ensure that they have back-up care arrangements if transportation is delayed. Children should have a warm place to stay before and after school (i.e. with a neighbour or a nearby relative).

  • All CBE schools will remain open to provide a safe, warm and secure environment for students

Learn more about Using Transportation in Cold Weather and Outside Activities Guidelines for Cold Weather.​​​​​

Current Calgary Weather

The Calgary weather forecast that appears on our website is provided by Environment Canada through one of its two Calgary weather stations, and is not school specific. 

The CBE has standardized the weather to use Environment Canada to create continuity for parents, employees and schools. We know that temperatures can fluctuate around our city and we want to ensure that we are all accessing and viewing the same information.

Guidelines are provided for students and cold weather, but if circumstances change, the principal has the final decision. ​​

Cold Weather Days

University School Inclement Weather Policy

Severe winter weather always raises concerns about school closures. The decision to close schools is the responsibility of the Chief Superintendent of Schools. School closures are extremely rare, even in very cold temperatures. If a decision is made to close the school this information is broadcast on local radio and television stations so please listen for this information. Parents/guardians whose children take the bus should always stay with their child while waiting for the bus in extreme conditions. Buses are often unavoidably delayed due to traffic conditions.

It is always a parent/guardian’s decision whether or not to keep students home during extreme weather conditions. We ask that if you decide to keep your children at home due to weather conditions, that you inform the school as soon as possible so we know that their absence is excused and they are safe and cared for.

It is our school’s policy to have students enjoy the benefit of outdoor activity. However, as a general guideline outdoor activity time is cancelled and students remain indoors when the temperature (including wind chill) is  -20°C or colder or when we are experiencing a heavy rainfall. Discretionary decisions to eliminate or reduce outdoor times for students may be made if conditions are deemed to be hazardous. Students are also encouraged to come straight into the boot rooms when they arrive at school in the mornings if the conditions are extreme.

In all instances, students are always expected to dress for the changing conditions. Living in Calgary means that the weather can change dramatically over the course of a day, so please ensure your child is dressed for the weather.

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