Our Staff

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PositionName & Email
PrincipalSheilagh O'Dwyer
Assistant PrincipalCathy Johnson
Administrative SecretaryMarla Krein

Teaching Staff

Grade / SubjectName & Email
Grade 441: Tanner Nordstrom-Young
42: Taryn Glimpel
45: Hailey Cyr
46: Grace Chambers
Grade 551: Anne Chapman
52: Michael Mittelstadt
55: Lisa Kirby
56: Natalie Mittelstadt
Grade 661: Quinn Healy / Nally Souraya
62: Jeremy Smith
65: Renee Mechelse
66: Josh Seguin
Grade 7

11: Ellisha Ross

22: Victoria Kehler

33: Bryan Mahoney

71: Sarah Milliard
72: Benn Goddard
75: Sheldon Senft
76: Michelle Nichol-Tanner

Grade 8

11: Ellisha Ross

22: Victoria Kehler

81: Ryan Howard

82: Kristen Scherban

83:  Hannah Rud

85: Chelsea O'Leary

86: Laura Yip

Grade 9

11: Ellisha Ross

22: Victoria Kehler

91: Christie Rattee 
92: Neil Drysdale
93: Stephanie Sellar
95: Cody Anderson

Phys. Ed.Jenna Hunt
Diane Fleming 
Mike Maher 
CTF SpecialistsMusic: Erin Sheedy 
Industrial Arts: Michelle Shpur
Student ServicesLaura Yip
Stephanie Sellar

Support Staff

PositionName & Email
Library AssistantChelsea Crutchley
Educational Assistants & Behaviour Support Workers

 Larisa McIntyre

William Belhomme

Zeenat Fahima

Michelle Ladouceur

Heather Mallett

Joshpril Santiago

Claudia Saenz

Food ServicesVivienne Roulson
Lunchroom Supervisors

Laura Hamilton (Lead Supervisor)

Cindy Engelen

Sara Moores

Alena Stang

Marisa Bilbao 

Maria Scigliano

Facility OperatorsAlex Pan
Jigmey Dongsar-Tsang
Li Xu
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RT @GCIndigenous: It’s National Indigenous History Month! A time to recognize the rich heritage of Indigenous Peoples in Canada by listening to inspiring stories from First Nations, Inuit and Métis. https://t.co/4CUBF7ZBN0 #NIHM2023 https://t.co/EHqqvPK0r4

RT @CalgFoundation: June is a time to celebrate Indigenous peoples, their history, their land and their culture. We encourage you to take this time as an opportunity to learn and show recognition of the role Indigenous Peoples play in shaping Canada. https://t.co/3BYO25ZcmY https://t.co/HwzYfe34jy

RT @yyCBEdu: In honor of Pride Month, we celebrate the pursuit of equality for 2SLGBTQ+ individuals & affirm the importance of providing safe & caring environments. We work to cultivate positive learning environments for all students, regardless of their background or circumstances. #WeAreCBE https://t.co/SLbPK6bY5o

RT @CANFIRST: We invite your class to join us for a FREE 1-hour Virtual Coding Workshop to give students ages 9+ a taste of what programming is all about! If interested please complete the registration form at: https://t.co/AREjEV3712. https://t.co/OYcQ679WtN

This afternoon our staff participated in a team building exercise where they raced with water, completed puzzles and had fun working together. It felt great connecting with each other outside on the school grounds. #WeAreCBE https://t.co/xo9BV50ZoM