Our Staff

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PositionName & Email
PrincipalSheilagh O'Dwyer
Assistant PrincipalGuillaume Comeau
Administrative SecretaryMarla Krein

Teaching Staff

Grade / SubjectName & Email
Grade 441: Breanne Blackburn
42: Hannah Rud
45: Katrina Bidulock
46: Claire Lodge
Grade 551: Anne Chapman
52: Michael Mittelstadt
55: Lisa Kirby
56: Natalie Roy
Grade 661: Crystal Bohn / Quinn Healy
62: Jeremy Smith
65: Renee Mechelse
66: Josh Seguin
Grade 7

11: Ellisha Ross

71: Sarah Milliard
72: Benn Goddard
75: Sheldon Senft
76: Michelle Nichol-Tanner

Grade 8

11: Ellisha Ross

81: Ryan Howard

82: Kristen Scherban

83: Erin Sheedy

85: Chelsea O'Leary

86: Natalie Bergeron

Grade 9

11: Ellisha Ross

91: Christie Rattee 
92: Neil Drysdale
93: Stephanie Sellar
95: Mike Maher 

95: Cody Anderson

Phys. Ed.Jenna Hunt
Diane Fleming 
Mike Maher 
CTF SpecialistsMusic: Erin Sheedy 
Industrial Arts: Michelle Shpur
Student ServicesLaura Yip
Stephanie Sellar

Support Staff

PositionName & Email
Library AssistantChelsea Crutchley
Educational Assistant

Heather Mallett

Food ServicesVivienne Roulson
Lunchroom Supervisors

Laura Hamilton (Lead Supervisor)
Cindy Engelen
Bronya Roulson

Alena Stang
Kaye Tollefson
Gloria Ufland

Facility OperatorsChar Grimm
Armando Reano (Cleaner)
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Taking a moment of silence to remember and honour our veterans. The ones who made it home and the one who did not. #LestWeForget #IndigenousVeteransDay #RemembranceDay #WeAreCBE https://t.co/5s6tZ4AckQ

A HUGE thank you to ward 3 counsellor @JyotiGondek for answering ALL our questions. Your articulate, genuine, passionate responses allowed this group of Grade 6s to feel heard. #Democracy #Calgary #studentvote #RepresentationMatters #WeAreCBE https://t.co/elCA7Y7bdY

Last week, Grade 6 students 'met' with Mayor Nenshi to discuss democracy, municipal government, Calgary's future, and why representation matters. @nenshi spoke from the heart, and was candid and inspiring! #democracy #Calgary #civilsociety #RepresentationMatters #WeAreCBE https://t.co/noOJMGX0GU